Friday, October 16, 2009


What is the difference between "futile care" and rationing? None!

Are you noticing the word "futile" coming up lately with regard to health care? "Futile care" is the new buzz phrase...all over the newspapers and coming from reports supposedly created by the Federal government. I can tell you whose words these are. They are coming from Tom Daschle and Ezekiel Emanuel, the two geniuses Obama appointed to create the new health care paradigm. "Cost effectiveness" is the new criteria for all decisions regarding health care. O.K. fine, but who will be making the decisions on "cost effectiveness?" Who decides who is "futile" and who is not? Who decides how old is elderly? Not your Doctor. Not you. Not your insurance company, which has been problematic in some cases, to be sure. But rather, a panel of bureaucrats in D. C. is being put in place to make the ultimate decisions on your medical care. No matter which bill passes through Congress and lands on Obama's desk, it will contain mandates for withholding care from whoever is deemed "futile."

Some time ago Hospice added the word "Palliative" to their title. Have you wondered where that come from? Doesn't that sound so kind and caring? The joke is that "palliative care" is the same thing that Hospice has been known for anyway, easing the suffering of death when the death vigil has begun and death is imminent. The word "palliative" is completely redundant. While the premise of Hospice is laudable, why do you suppose they felt it necessary to add that $50.00 word to the title? Does it sound any better? Marketing is everything, folks. Hospice wants you to think they have added something new and special, when in fact it is the addition of selling you on "futile care," just so you understand that they are not there to cure you. They never were there to cure you. But the extra $50.00 word is there just the same. This is by design. Get used to it. You are being trained to expect "palliative care" / "futile care" from the medical industry in the near future, included in Obamacare. Hospice and Palliative Care, Inc. is the recipient of billions of government / taxpayer dollars. What began as a volunteer organization, funded by charities, is now on the government take in a very large way. Hey...they need money. They are doing to do what the government wants them to do which is make sure the money isn't spent on "futile care." They are a lobbying group,, just like everyone else dependent on government money.

Here is the Wikepedia definition: "Palliative care (from Latin palliare, to cloak) is any form of medical care or treatment that concentrates on reducing the severity of disease symptoms, rather than striving to halt, delay, or reverse the progression of the disease itself or provide a cure."

But back to the word, "futile." From the guy who was out there marketing "hope and change," what we get is "futile care." You can't get much more forked-tongued than that. Daschle and Emanuel have written books on how to get rid of "unproductive" citizens. The idea of refusing life-saving cures for the elderly has been years in the planning. The idea of taking the decisions away from you and your doctor have been years in the planning. This is no accident. And this is not an emergency response to some trumped up economic crises. It is a deliberate attempt to take away your personal liberties. And that is my definition of "futility."

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