Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have not written this past week because I have commissioned paintings I am working on and, also, the bad news is so prevalent that I find it difficult to choose which subject to discuss. So today I am just checking in to tell a short story.

This week I delivered 8 paintings to a gallery who represents my work. The gallery owner is a very nice lady who I like personally. Her gallery is in what used to be gorgeous, century old house, now in a Historical District, that belonged to a prominent family here in town in the early 1900's. Besides my works she carries 6 or so other artists' works and the quality of art is high. But here is the rub. With ownership come responsibilities. And this lesson is evidently missed by the gallery owner. She always laments the condition of the building she owns, which is terribly in need of repairs....but the next sentence that comes from her is that she wants to find a "grant" to do the work. She moans it will take thousands of dollars. But had she kept up with it over time, the maintenance would have been incremental, instead of what is now monumental. Now she would like to use other people's money to fix up her own property. Eventually that is what might happen, after she is dead and her children sell the house to the Historical Society and the government grants come pouring in. But for now it is in dilapidation and like an old woman whose parts are giving out, one by one. Holes in the ceiling, furnace on the blink, paint chipping off everywhere, carpet that is rolling under your feet with age.

As we discussed the economy and business ownership, I mentioned to her that the government is going to take an even bigger chunk of her money between Health Care and Cap and Trade. At which point she looked at me as if her brain just left town, eyes wide open, but blank. She shook her head.

I said, "You know, I just think people had no clue what they were voting for in this past election." And then....she parroted the mantra...."Well, we HAD to have change!!" "We HAVE to HAVE Health Care."

O.k....there's my story. And that is what we are stuck with. The blank, uneducated view of one with eyes glazed over who never spent a second to study an issue critical to her citizenship or her business. I'm starting to think that people like this should never vote in an election. Not that I can stop them....but for crying out loud, what future can we have with this kind of negligence??? She is taking care of her voting privilege the same way she takes care of her property.....NOT AT ALL. Somebody else will do it, I guess. We'll have Obama know the "stash."

Have a great weekend.

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