Monday, September 6, 2010


I opened my local newspaper the past two days to discover articles describing how our area is on the take.  Grants and subsidies are being requested and doled out to the tune of thousands of dollars.  In fact one article states. "the city and 29 businesses and nonprofit groups across the state learned Tuesday they would receive the coveted aid."  Well, I guess "covet" is the correct operative word there.  Here is the definition of the word covet: to desire wrongfully, inordinately, or without due regard for the rights of others: to covet another's property.

The Federal subsidies announced today are to offset health insurance costs that are going up due to the Obama health care bill.  Because the Obama health care bill is causing health care costs to rise, the Federal government is now picking and choosing which people will get to keep their health care by subsidizing them.  Does it occur to anyone that if the Obama health care bill had not been voted into existence by socialist democrats, the cost of health care would remain in the hands of healthy competition between insurance companies?  Do I remember Obama saying that if you liked your health care you could keep it?  Maybe he meant you could keep it if you took subsidies from future generations of borrowed money causing the country to collapse into further debt.  Yeah, that's it.

One grant is to build a "community garden, similar to Michelle Obama's White House garden."  Excuse me, but does it seem to you that if there was a need for a "community garden," people in the community would create that garden without Federal money?  Would the community vote to create that garden unless they had someone else's money to spend?  Would the community have the money to create that garden if the Federal government had allowed industries in our area to flourish or fall on their own merits?  In other words, according to the current train of thought, a community would not or could not create a garden without stealing money from some other community or persons?  Really?

Another grant is to renovate five two-family duplex homes which have been designated into a National Historic Places district.  Historic because?  Because the national economic policies on trade put local industries out of business and now we can only look back to a time when our local economy was thriving with textile industries.  So the Federal government tooketh away and now will giveth back, with borrowed other people's money, a grant to preserve what used to be.  There is no mention in the article of who owns these homes.  The entire United States of America is destined to be on the National Register of Historic Places if this keeps up.

Since the money being doled out was confiscated by the government from someone who previously rightfully owned that money, then I guess we should all stand up and shout "Hallelujah, we legally stole what belonged to someone else and got away with it!!"   And since our government is operating on a 14 trillion dollar deficit and the money is borrowed from future generations, we just stole that money from children and grandchildren who will have to pay back the loans.  If we die soon enough, we won't even have to face those poor people who will labor to pay for the grants and subsidies.  They may not even have been born yet.   

There is a guy on TV named Kevin Trudeau who is hawking his book entitled, "Free Money- They Don't Want You To Know About."  The book gives examples of some of the "FREE" funds that are available to the average person. Examples include $9500 to help pay bills, $2800 to pay heating costs and $1200 to help pay your mortgage. Other examples include $800 to buy food, $170 a month for parking, and $3,000 if you volunteer to work in your neighborhood. There's also $4800 to pay "family expenses", $328 to help pay rent and amazingly, $1000 while waiting for some of the other funds you applied for. And for free services, Trudeau mentions there's free dental care, free eyeglasses, free air travel, and free hotel rooms among others. 

This book must be the handbook for every community leader and nonprofit group in the United States.  After all, isn't that exactly what the applications for grants and subsidies from the communities and nonprofits exhibit?  It must be part of the curriculum of study for those interested in learning how to steal.  Learn how to get "Free Money" for your public, private, and nonprofit business or group.  It's the American way. It didn't used to be, but has come to this. 

"Free Money" is what you and I pay for with our labor.  Taxes represent your hard work and mine.  It isn't "Free."  But the mentality of Mr. Trudeau is the mentality of the people going after that money.   They don't care if it is your labor they are hijacking.  They are simply taking advantage of a government system set up by all levels of government in America over the past decades. There is everything wrong and nothing right with a system promising "Free Money."

Nobody wants to pay, but everybody wants "Free" money.  A funny thing happened on the way to 2010.  A country with work ethics and a "can do" attitude slid into the abyss of deception; "Free Money" is what politicians promise while they pick your pocket.  Big government programs, grants, and subsidies are using your labor to hand out "Free Money."  Keep that in mind when you listen to the candidate's speeches running up to the November elections.  Find a candidate who is not interested in handing out "Free" government money.  Find a candidate who believes in you keeping what you earn.  I dare you.  And if  you do find that candidate, vote for him or her.

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