Friday, May 11, 2012


(First, before I carry on with the subject of my post, I want to thank all of my friends and supporters for their understanding and help during this incredibly busy time with my husband's family situation, i.e. his brother's death, his mother's care, and subsequent arrival of vultures going after both estates.  We were able to get my mother-in-law into a very nice assisted living center, moving her in just yesterday.  The saga continues with the vultures circling, even though my mother-in-law needs her estate for her care.  The situation has been emotionally draining and exhausting, with two sets of financial lives to figure out, with one person deceased and one with dementia.  You can imagine.  We will soldier on.  But thank you all.)

As I am hearing the bits and pieces of news over the last few weeks, the thing that keeps attracting my attention is the Alinsky tactic on the left of spreading unfounded lies about everything and everyone in the opposition.  Today it happens to be some ridiculous story of Mitt Romney cutting some kid's hair when they were very young.  If true, this was no doubt a mean thing to do to someone as a prank.   Then, to make it seem like Mitt Romney is some sort of monstrous bigoted bully, the left adds that the someone whose hair was cut must have been a homosexual even though there is no evidence of that.  So of course, Mitt Romney now supposedly hates homosexuals.  And this is terribly convenient coming on the heels of the North Carolina vote to support heterosexual marriage and Obama's sudden decision to go in the opposite direction and support same-sex marriage.  Next. of course, Mitt Romney has to go into reactionary defense mode.  Will the accusations prevail?  Oh, and Mitt Romney hates women, too, don't you know.

What does this tactic force us to do?  Waste time playing defense.  One of the biggest smears of late is the word "extremist."  This along with many others including; "racist," or "bigot," or "homophobe," "misogynist,"  the verbal war on Americans who actually believe in freedom and responsibility is heating up exponentially as Obama's company of Communists falls from favor on the national stage.  (Please God.) The Zimmerman / Martin case in Florida was typical of the tactic.  A tragic event happens and the next thing you know the liars start yelling at the top of their lungs all over the media.  Or a Communist policy is proposed by the Obama administration and, if you happen to be against it, you are targeted as an "extremist."  Even better, a "right wing extremist."  I've had this happen personally many times over the last 4 years for expressing my views on what I see Obama and his global socialists doing.  When I wrote in support of traditional marriage, I was called all kinds of lovely names. 

Tragically, this Alinsky tactic works to take the oxygen out of the air.  You are going about your life and, wham, you are hit with some accusation that is so ridiculous and outlandish that you have to step back and figure out how to combat the lies.  If you think back to high school,  a time in life when Romney made his prankish mistake, you'll remember that name-calling is what teenagers do.  The immaturity of this name-calling is undeniable.  As adults, it is worse.  What is ironic about this is the left is literally the "pot calling the kettle black."  All the while the left is pushing anti-bullying laws, they are practicing verbal bullying every day and using the media to do it.  It truly is laughable.  They say that if you act like a bully in school, you should be arrested and prosecuted.  Yet, as they bully people by calling them names (racist, homophobe, bigot, extremist, etc,), they get the media to repeat and promote the bullying on national media outlets.  This happens so frequently today, that you would never be able to defend yourself enough against libel and slander.  If you tried, you would have to spend every waking moment and all of your fortune on court cases. 

The national conversation on policies requires us to assign labels to political philosophies.  That, in my mind, is very different than than just calling people names or using hateful adjectives to describe a person's character.  So before someone accuses me of using name-calling myself, let it be known that when I use the word "leftist," or the word "Communist," I am labeling someone's political philosophy.  I could, and probably have, associated the word "thief" with Communist, so what I have said is not flattering.  So there are caveats and innuendos to be considered when labeling people.  The way to understand this is to know that there is actual proof of thievery involving Communists.  I don't take this labeling lightly.  But to assert that someone who cut someone's hair as a prank automatically assumes homophobia is absurd.  (So far, there is no proof that the kid whose hair was cut was a homosexual, or that Mitt Romney would have any idea of that in any case.)  In the case of Zimmerman / Martin, there is no evidence that Mr. Zimmerman had some racist agenda when involved with the skirmish with Travon Martin.  Nevertheless, the personnel attacks began on unfounded suppositions of racism.  Because someone doesn't believe in giving away free contraceptives, paid for by everyone else, doesn't mean that person is a "misogynist."  (woman hater, male superiority)  And there rests the difference between slander and truth, between bullying and using labels to support arguments against political philosophy.  The left is using full out bullying tactics and will be, nonstop, throughout our discourse with them from now until forever.

Can we arrest and prosecute the leftist Alinskyite bullies?  It's hard to laugh it off and carry on when someone has smeared you in the public press.  What is the choice?  Laugh it off?  Go on defense?  When does the left stop "calling the kettle black?"  ( I learned a long time ago that someone who accuses you of some unfounded nasty action is most usually telling you what is in their mind, not yours.)  

Verbal abuse is tough to deal with, but truth will prevail.  Don't give up or give in....


  1. I hpe yours and Jim's lives are getting back to normal. (Normal is tuff enough these days.)

    I've been doing a lot of thinking about how severely we are losing the culture war. I am beginning to think that if we don't take steps to win this culture war, there is no way we can win the political war, at least not in any permanent sense.

  2. (Normal is tuff enough these days.) is!! Not back to any normal yet, but trying. The saga continues with the family of leeches, but we are determined to get the blood suckers off.

    Just posted at your place...I really liked that post you did on the culture war, Jim. Hang in there....we can only do what we can....and we are!!