Sunday, September 8, 2013


UPDATE ON MY ABSENCE -  Over the last several weeks I have had some crazy health issues.  First of all, a neighbor's dog bit me in the face on August 7th.  Fortunately, this dog had its rabies vaccinations, but unfortunately, has a habit of doing this to people.  I was healing nicely from that when I came down with a very high fever.  I discovered several insect bites on my legs, swollen ankles and feet, and spent a week of misery with those symptoms, plus more.  I couldn't eat by this time and had horrendous leg cramps that would not allow me to sleep.  I went to our Doctor who shot me full of antibiotics and said he thought maybe I had a sinus infection???  Say what?  Still sick a week later they sent me for a battery of blood tests and a sonar-gram.  The outcome of that was it must be a virus, and oh by the way, I have a gall stone.  The gall bladder was not infected or inflamed, but they sent me to the surgeon who said he'd be happy to take out my gall bladder anyway, but he didn't think that was the cause of all of these symptoms.  I went home to contemplate this.  The high temperatures by this time were going down.  Then I was sent to an infectious disease Dr. who said he thought I had some mysterious unnamed virus and it would go away in a few weeks.  Suffering three more days, I decided that if the gall bladder was causing the eating problem, I'd better get that back to the surgeon.  And he is a good one at that.  Two days later...voilá...the gall bladder was out and I could eat again.  Now, I am a week beyond that.  The swelling and cramps in my legs are gone, things are slowly getting back to normal.  BUT, I am as weak as a kitten and going to take a few more weeks to regain my strength.  So that's the story on me...just letting you know what happened.  I must have looked like a delicious target to something(s) evil.  Do you suppose it was a communist plot?  LOL I was hit with all of that, I started to write this:
Random thoughts as I witness the theft of freedom and the most idiotic, stupid, moronic, lying, and evil people in leadership in this nation who ever lived.

Gee, do you think the House of Representatives has control of the purse strings?  Not if you listen to some of the GOP who swear they cannot defund Obamacare. But...but...wait....Obama knows how to get Congress to stay with the program!  Exempt them all, their families, and their staff personnel!  That way they can't deny the funding because they won't care anymore!!  Great idea....

Since when is Charleston, South Carolina on the Gulf coast?  Since the Emperor with no clothes says so on late night entertainment?  But the audience applauded.  Who is dumber?  The Emperor?  Or the audience? 

Let's keep cheap available energy away from the third world nations so they can continue to live the poverty life.  Yep, great idea.  We wouldn't want the third world to be too comfortable, now would we?  They might actually be able to produce something of value for themselves and rest of the world if they had available energy.  We can't have that.

And while we're at it, let's put the American coal industry out of work for good.  What have they done for us, anyway?  Really.  Just keeping us in productive comfort for years and years...that can't be a good thing, now can it?  Yeah.  Shut 'em down. 

Oh, how about putting low income housing into every neighborhood in America?  That's the ticket!  Let's do that.  Everyone should live next to or in a ghetto.  It's only fair.  We can all be like Chicago and the crime rate there...or like Detroit where no one can live anymore.  Perfect!! 

 Oooooohhh, I really like that one.  That'll keep those slippery citizens from moving around!  You know.  They use those very bad cars to get to work and school and ...the grocery and the mall.  Sometimes they are really indulgent and drive on vacations.  Make 'em pay even more to even try to do those things.  That'll show those bad Americans what it's really like to live.  Bicycles and sidewalks, subways and light rail, bullet trains and greenways...."these are a few of my favorite things!!"  (I think I feel a song coming on.)

Meanwhile, back at the school system:  Let's make sure those little munchkins get it through their little minds full of mush that whatever they do will kill the planet! Global Warming is the ticket!! How dare they consider growing up, having more children, owning homes, eating hamburgers...those bloodsucking parasitic kids.

Now let's move on to the Smart Grid, shall we?   The good Dems have put a bill forth that will make sure EVERY citizen will be attached to the Smart Meters we spent so much money on as we subsidized the high tech energy companies. We can radiate everyone and at the same time we'll be able to control every appliance and HVAC system in the nation!  Whoo hoo....that is going to be sosoooo much fun!!  When Suzy goes to turn on that washer, BINGO, we can turn it off...or turn her refrigerator off while she washes her clothes. 

Black boxes on every car by 2014!!  Of course!  That way we can hijack anyone's car at will.  We can control the speed, too! 

Oh yeah, don't forget to instruct the kids how to be homosexuals.  That ought to fix things.

On top of all of this chaotic destruction, by all means let's bomb Syria!!  Yeah, that'll get our minds off of Obamacare, Common Core, Amnesty, Benghazi, the NSA, and all of the other corruption in Washington DC.  Keep the focus elsewhere.  Let's bomb Assad without any concrete proof that he is responsible for using chemical weapons and let's, by all means, arm the same Al Qaeda that is our known enemy.  What a great idea!! 
You can't make this stuff up.   

Those are just a few of my random thoughts as I went through the trials of this last month.  I am going to be taking it slow and steady to get my strength back.  As the Dr. reminded me after the gall bladder surgery, "Lady, you have four very deep stab wounds.  You need to take time to heal."  

All's well that ends well.  I'm going to rest again now.  Back later!!
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  1. I am so glad to hear you are finally recovering. What an ordeal you've been through! My ar-chair diagnosis is you suffered some kind of spider bite while trying to recover from the dog bite. Fortunately, my medical advice is worth exactly what you paid for it _ nothing!

    I'm not sure which is worse; the nanny Democrats or the Nanny Republicans. I think they should put low-income-housing in Martha's Vinyard before they try it anywhere else.

  2. Jim...HI! I found your email and emailed you back, but didn't hear back from you so I feared my email may not have gotten through to you. I think you might be right on the spider bite(s). Also, some of the bites looked like fire ant bites, but usually you feel stings when they bite and I didn't remember having that happen. If it was a spider, I'd sure like to know what it was. I had been walking through our overgrown back yard (out of control jungle back there) with a fellow just before this who we hired to bring a crew in to clear the yard. So I was probably bitten then. Then there was the virus theory and I suppose that could have happened, too...since my resistance was down. Nonetheless...back on the road to recovery now!! Thankfully! I am very lucky to have that surgery done before Obamacare denies us all that kind of care. I have been so fortunate to have good care here. My GP Dr. says we are all going to be standing in line at the Medicaid office in short order if we don't get this stopped. He says he will try to continue to practice on retainer, privately, but that is not going to help much if people aren't allowed to use the hospital or get prescriptions. Very frightening prospects.

    My email...I wrote I was concerned about you. Something about a 70% power outage in your neck of the woods? Plus scarce supplies of toilet paper and other goods? Can things be sent to you if you need them?

    All of DC, minus a few, is in the sewer as far as I can tell...and both parties obviously. The country feels like a festering boil to me. A lot of anger and frustration...and no corrective action being taken. Bad policies still one able or willing to pull the plug on any of it. What a mess.

    Thanks, Jim....let me know how you are, too!

    1. No need to worry about this old gring, Cheryl. Venezuela is on a slow path to becoming Zimbabwe; but with oil. Inflation is running aroud 35 to 40% and, after years of price controls, we do experience many shortages. Sometimes it milk, sometimes it's sugar, and toilett paper is but a fond memory (we use paper napkins or paper towels). Fortunately, the years of currency exchange rates has worked in our favor becuase my small fixed income is in dollars. The current official exchange rate is 6.3 Bolivars per dollar. The black market pays me 40 Bolivares per dollar. So, our monthly income is staying well ahead of inflation. But, there are some scarcities that can't be replaced no matter how much money one has. I'm refering to medicines. From time to time people will get fed upenough to protest in the streets and the government reacts by proving more money for importanting what the people are for only to short change us on some other important commodity. I'm living through what is coming to America in a few years. Get prepared, my friend!

      Cheers and thanks for worrying about me!


    2. That is some chronicle of a sad state of affairs, Jim. Not for the life of me do I understand how people choose to govern like that. I suppose with the banksters in charge, there is little choice on monetary I see coming at us here. But why would people choose to do this to people? It has to be a complete brain malfunction. I don't know how to prepare for this. Truly, I don't. A short term crisis I can grasp...but what you describe seems an endless stream of deprivation and I can't skin a fish, much less live without certain necessities. I think sometimes about my grandparents and parents in the depression and my great grandparents who knew how to live off the land as farmers. My land is red clay and rocks, though I can grow an occasional cucumber, but certainly not enough to live on. I feel totally unprepared ....and think I am getting too up in years to take on survival...we really have no choice but to defeat the two enemies we are fighting...the Muslims and the Globalists. Otherwise, your prediction will come true. Sigh. The biker rally in DC today with the Special Ops group is GREAT!!! Plus the recall vote in Colorado on the gun control issue...also...GREAT!! Hanging onto glimmers. We have to clean up DC. HAVE TO.

      I am glad you are "reasonably" doing O.K. Please know I'm grateful for your friendship and all that information you share...and the rest of the crew at Asylum.

      Now I am back to resting....sheesh. This quadruple hit I took really took the umph out of me.