Wednesday, October 2, 2013


For the last year we have been watching private sector companies lay off employees, close facilities, stop covering health insurance for employees, and generally struggle to survive, if at all. The announcements are coming faster and more prevalent every day.  All of this is due to the devastation caused by government policies, and especially Obamacare.  Livelihoods gone.  Joe Citizen's or Jane Citizen's private sector livelihood was / is essential to him or her.  But the government enforcers don't give a rip about that.

Now, today, we finally ....finally...get to watch the same Obama government scream and holler about just being furloughed with pay?  Now we find out that 93% of the EPA employees are considered "non-essential."  John C. and Jane C. have been struggling to pay their taxes and bills, only to find out today that 93% of that EPA agency isn't even necessary.  Wow.  Now there is a revelation.  93% of EPA Employees Considered Non-Essential. 

According to Obama, the private sector is non-essential.  The only reason in his mind for the private sector to exist, if at all, is to prop up a larger and larger government sector, so for five years he has been sucking all of the life out of the private sector.  As he deliberately puts the private sector out of business, his prop can't possibly prop up his grand scheme of all government all of the time.  You would think that any living breathing human being in the middle kingdom with a brain could see where this leads, but no.  We have seriously demented idiots in this nation who have no clue, sadly.  Some of them still admit they don't care.  My hope is they will be made to care when they suffer the sorry fate of Obama's policies.  Meanwhile, the scales are over their eyes and they are blind.

Let the hew and cry come forth from the government employees who are suddenly facing ....what?  Paid vacations?  There is no justice in this.  Paid vacations?  Let's make these vacations permanent with no pay, shall we?  That would be justice.  The only other suggestion I have is to permanently rid ourselves of the current family that occupies the White House, along with all of the Congress members who have supported the unconstitutional government in place right now.  Permanently.  Meaning... not a lay-off or a furlough. 

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  1. My gut tells me that John Boehner is planing to cut a deal with Obama. For some minor tweeking of ObamaCare, he will give on everything else. I hope my gut is wrong. But, some of my conservative cyber friends are weakening as well. A blogger I follow and a frequent commenter at Asylum Watch commented on one of my ObamaCare posts the other day that she is all in favor of defunding ObamaCare but doesn't think now is the time. Her husband, apparenttly a government employee, has been fulughed due to the partial shut down. Like too many Americans, she supports smaller government as long as herr benefits aren't affected.
    Color me sad!

  2. I wish I could say you were wrong. I am aghast at the people who keep saying we need to stop the shut down. You are definitely right that government employees don't really care about anything but getting their tax paid salaries. So with half the country on the dole, and whatever percentage working for government, we who fight to save the Constitution are outnumbered by too much. I swear, Jim, I think the end is coming fast. Beck said today that they have stopped "nudging" and have moved into the " shoving" stage. Plus yesterday he had on a financial analyst who believes very soon the dollar will be removed as the world currency and the dollar will be next to worthless. Downhill fast.
    It is very bleak looking right now. Color me sad, too.

  3. I guess it all depends whether we want to try for the 2014 election. There is no question in my mind, and has been talked about on mark levin's program, he wants to crash the economy and has no intention of agreeing to anything. He will simply claim the right to fund the government via the 14th amendment and we will have a constitutional crisis which he just might win. A lose lose situation. Pick your poison. A permanent dictatorship is in the offing.

    1. I just this afternoon listened to Mark Levin's Thursday show on what game the O is playing with the debt ceiling. Also, around facebook are some postings about some soon to happen "radical" event that the Pentagon has sent out as a warning? Something is up....seems to me. The dictator is about to make a bigger move. Question is whether or not he will be prosecuted ...or if we are just sitting ducks and can do nothing about it. Not looking good. The guy is running lawless and so far no one does a thing about it. Hang in there, Bunker...I feel like I am waiting for a sledgehammer to hit.