Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Talk like a Socialist!

I love language. That is one of the reasons, I suppose, that I am writing this blog. But I hate liars and I despise people who use language to manipulate people. I love the truth. Getting to the truth involves defining words.

Giving the Devil his due...the Devil is very clever at fooling people and using words to twist the meanings of things. In short, the Devil is a very good liar, a slick salesman, a silver tongued orator, and a manipulator of the worst kind. I've been watching the twisting of language happen over the last several years through the "Political Correct" crowd in the media. They demonize capitalism and conservatism. They demonize individual accomplishments. They cheer "collective" endeavors. They hate traditional mores. The family has been re-defined to be the "Village." It is all very deliberate and conniving .....and I'm sick of it. I am going to call a "spade a spade" and show you how to be aware of a few of their clever tricks. The first one in the list below is how the Leftists took control of our children's word comprehension in the public school system. It is called Whole Language. Beneath the list is some info on that. Enjoy!! You are now the wiser!!!

Here is a list of Leftist Words and Phrases:

Whole Language (Use our Social engineering dictionary or you will be kicked out of school! The opposite of Half Language?)

Smart Growth (Your property will conform to our dictates or else..If you don't go along you must be dumb.)

Sustainable Environment (Otherwise you are doomed..Give me your wallet)

Lands' Conservancy (Thou shalt not be greedy, you lousy Capitalist property owners. We know who you are, we will tax you to death and, then, we'll take land off your hands)

Free Choice Act (Means you have no "Choice" whatsoever. Join the Union or go jobless)

Progress /Progressive (Think "Back in the USSR!" Old Marxism cloaked in the word "Progress")

Economic Justice (The wealthy and productive will pay for your laziness)

Social Justice (same as above)

Cap and Trade (Do as I say or I'll tax your business and take it away from you at the point of a gun)

Common Good (If you wish to succeed on your own, you are a selfish bastard)

Hope (We will tell you what to hope for, it's for your own good)

Change (Throwing away the lessons of history and leading the blind into the abyss)

Fairness Doctrine (If you dare speak out against Socialism, we are going to shut you up, stuff a sock in your mouth, and put you in a closet)

Published in January 2009 at the Socialist Standard, Journal of the Socialist Party of Great Britain:
"For over one hundred years the task of the socialist party has been to counter the propaganda of the status quo. Not just in ideological terms but in trying to restore meaning to political language. Even our opponents have to admit that the meaning they give to words like socialism, democracy, human nature, economics, history and politics itself is very different from ours."

From 2001, an excellent article by Joe Larson

And this on Whole Language Reading Concepts in the Public Schools: Entire Article Here

The politically active WL (Whole Language) teacher uses reading instruction as a convenient vehicle to aid and abet the establishment of socialist goals, policies, values, and ideals. Through bona fide WL reading instruction, students learn how to rise up and challenge “the interests and values of the Anglo, white, middle and upper classes,” Harry Giroux proclaims in the Catalog.[2] They are prepared to oppose, writes Michael W. Apple, “the political right of the United States” by being ready to use their collective powers to change the world so that democratic [read ‘socialist'] power replaces corporate power.”[3] Elimination of the present “economic, cultural, and social policies of business and industry” clearly is the ultimate aim of WL reading teaching.[4]


  1. Girl, I'm learning a lot from you. I'm 59 years old and had no idea what 'whole language' was. (My children learned to read in 1975 and 1980). Whole language sprang it's ugly head after that, right? I sent them to public school for all those years and never knew or questioned that they were being 'assimilated' into socialism. My daughter, the oldest, finished high school in 1987 and afterwards went to a 2 year community college...she is a conservative at age 38 and homeschools her children....Thank God. My son finished HS in 1992, married his high school sweetheart. They have always been very liberal (indoctrinated)..until their one child started school and they became active as parents 'battling' teachers and administrators . 2008, they were big supporters of Ron Paul. Maybe there's hope for them yet! Thanks for another great posting!

  2. Brenda...I, too, was not very aware of the Whole Language system in the schools until now...I think I remember hearing something about it when it was first implemented, but had no idea who was behind it and what the purpose was. Now I know. If your daughter ever needed a reason to homeschool her children, this is it. Like you, my kids are grown, went to the public schools, graduated in '92 and '95. I think WL was started in '91. My son is a Major in the AF in Korea with is wife and 3 little ones. They are home schooling also...just starting out...for the same reasons. I hear that Congress is in process of figuring out ways to abolish or severely "punish" home schoolers. Look out for that. My daughter is also conservative, not married yet. Her job at BOFA has been slashed and she is scrambling to find a job right now. Obviously her job was slashed thanks to the Socialist policies of Carter and Clinton, Frank, Dodd, and the rest.
    God bless you and your family...maybe you and I can keep getting the word out and make a difference. I feel compelled to at least try to save some semblance of what is left of our country for our kids. We were lucky we escaped this insanity when our kids were in school..but now an entire generation of American public school children have been indoctrinated into this Socialist mindset. What a tragedy.