Monday, June 1, 2009

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

America has made one huge mistake. And it's going to cost trillions of dollars, cause much worse poverty than you have seen in our lifetimes, and our children are going to be paying a terrible price. It's hard for most people to admit they have made a terrible mistake. First, they don't like to think they are wrong, so pride gets in the way. Second, they like to think they can figure things out, so it doesn't compute that they missed a big clue. If you look just at Bernie Madoff and several others like him, you can see that many supposedly erudite individuals got taken. Notice, they don't go around saying they got taken....that would be admitting that they were schmoozed, hornswoggled, and just as dumb as the next guy. Pride is a seriously difficult thing to overcome. So what is the mistake, you ask? One Big Addlebrained Mistake America. Frankly, I can't think of much difference between Obama and Madoff. One is just as adept as the other in making people lose their purses. One is just as adept as the other at convincing the victims of how confident and able they are at handling other people's money. The Ponzi scheme of today is being played out on a grand national stage with none other than someone posing as President of the United States doing the deeds. How many trillions were you voting to throw down the toilet, America? How many rights and freedoms were you voting to surrender, America? How much indoctrination are you paying for, America? How stupid are you, America?

The great skill Obama has is being able to calmly look at you through the teleprompter's plexiglass and flat out state obvious lies and ridiculous presumptions so cleverly that you don't even know he is doing it. He will tell you he really doesn't want to do X,Y, and Z, but, gee, the situation is so dire you must agree that he just has to take you to the cleaners and take over all of the hard decisions for you. Don't you worry your pretty little head, he's got it covered. Nevermind that he says one thing and does another. Nevermind that he has stripped America of any chance of economic recovery for the next twenty years. Nevermind that he has quadrupled the national debt within a short four months and spent more than all Presidents combined in the history of our nation. Nevermind that, when he takes over health care, you won't be able to call your Doctor of Choice and actually get an appointment within a reasonable time. Nevermind that your new car will be made of flimsy material and can't go more than 30 miles without plugging into a grid which will be rationed. Nevermind that you can't adjust your thermostat because he will do that for you. Nevermind that your local farmer can't sell to you because government regulations will not permit it without taxing cow flatulence. Nevermind that he said he would save jobs while 600,000 plus every month are losing them. Nevermind that your children are being turned into little robots with no real ability to think for themselves. Nevermind that he said he would defend the country while, at the same time, he cuts military spending and missle defense. Nevermind that he said he would defend Israel while he kisses up to the Arabs who want to destroy Israel. And, by all means, don't worry about North Korea getting those darn, pesky, little nuclear weapons. Obams can fix that, too, by just saying a few kind words to the Chinese. Oh, and that Supreme Court Justice? She's just full of empathy instead of judicial ethics. That's O.K. Don't you worry your sweet little heads, Obama's got it all figured out.

You're so happy. He's so appealing. He's so adroit. He's so capable. So smooth. What a great husband. He takes his wife to the theatre. What a great Dad. He buys his kids a dog. He must be so wonderful because he is such a great family man. And we all want a Daddy to do it all for us, now don't we?

Well, I have to admit that Obama is better looking than Madoff. I guess that's how he can dupe and entire country and not just a few wealthy investors. But I wonder how long it will be before the prideful and clueless Americans will begin to see what mistake they have made. "Pride Goeth Before the Fall." I wonder if that means by October America will be dining on crow. Oops, nope, that's the wrong "Fall." And we can't shoot the crows because of gun controls he will be sure to enact. So no dining on crows, either.
I know some prideful Americans will never admit their mistake. It's just too hard to accept it when you have been swept up in a cult of personality. You can take your pride to bed with you now, knowing Obama's got you covered. For ever and ever, amen. He sure does.

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