Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truth from Pravda!

Oh, the irony! To find a Russian columnist who has more honesty than all of the Western mainstream media and the guts to tell the truth. And not only that, but publish it in Pravda. I am astounded and amazed. I am also somehow comforted to know that there are some very smart people in the world who see what is going on here and not afraid to say it.

MUST READ: Mat Rodin's Amazing Truth in Pravda I have also placed a link on the right to Mat's blog for more insights from this very astute writer. I thank him for sharing his views and his research with the world.

Aside: I've not been writing or painting for the past two weeks because of the work involved in placing my Dad into assisted living and closing out his apartment. Those of you who have been through this know what it takes. He is 91plus, a WWII vet, and getting very fragile physically. Mentally he is very "with it," and for that we are grateful. Plus, I have had the immeasurable help from my dearest husband and my daughter! So thankful to them!! I am hoping that as this week goes and he gets settled in, I will have more of my own time back for painting and writing. Meanwhile, keep up the good fight, read Mat's writings, and try not to give up on our dear country. We have to keep talking and letting people know we are not sitting here twiddling our thumbs while Rome burns..(I can't play a fiddle or I would have said,"fiddling!") :-) Stay tuned!!

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