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Original promo from Fox show "Lie to me"

"The earth is flat!" Oops, no it isn't. "AGW is causing the planet to kill us all!" (translation- you bad humans are killing us all) Oops, not!!

I have had friends who are so convinced of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) that talking with them is like talking to a programmed robot. Even worse, they have been so arrogant in their ignorance that they scoff and ridicule others who know the truth that AGW is a dangerous myth of very bad environmental mistruths. Well, I guess that is the Alinsky ridicule those who take an opposing view from you own. My experience is that you can tell them the truth until you are blue in the face, but they won't listen. And that is why AGW is so dangerous. Because it is a lie and because it is being used as the premise for government control of nearly everything in our lives. The AGW / IPCC (from the UN) crowd has committed fraud upon the world and created an environmental religion on a huge scale. Thankfully some are finally realizing the scam. I'm still waiting for those former friends to recognize their errors and regain their footing in the real world. Unfortunately, I may go to my grave waiting.

AGW is the premise for Smart Growth and Sustainable Development, two names for the same plan of government controls of everything you do and everything you own. If you strip away the falsehoods of the original premise of AGW, Smart Growth and Sustainable Development are shown for exactly what they are, schemes for government controls.

Thankfully we are recently seeing a few politicians and candidates standing up for the truth and seeing through the scam. Others, not so much. Unfortunately, while Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey signed the state out of the cap and trade scam, RGGI, he still asserted he believes in global warming. So for those of you who think Chris Christie is the answer to conservative prayers, you better think again. Good signs though below:
More NJ legislators denounce RGGI
GOP Candidates Back Off Global Warming

I hope this trend continues, and not just for political expediency, but for the sake of truth winning over power.

Convincing masses of people of lies is not a new phenomenon. Been around since time began. The way to control masses of people is to make them believe what you want them to believe so you may impose your will on them. If you are a liar, then you are doubly foul in my opinion..first because you want to impose your will on others, and second because you would lie to do it.

Our mission, (Mr. Phelps would say) should we choose to accept it, is to spread the truth around on AGW and let people know the "good news" that human beings are not destroying the environment. There is no reason for cap and trade, or RGGI, or Smart Growth, or Sustainable Development. Responsible environmental stewardship does not mean you should allow the government to take away your rights, more taxes, your energy, your light bulbs, your anything.

Science and Public - Source for Information

As I researched this issue this morning I discovered another myth...this one on Galileo and the Flat Earth premise we have been teaching in public schools, at least since I was a child.
Jamie Kiley blog on Galileo and the Myth of the Flat Earthers

"The idea that that people of the Middle Ages believed in a flat earth didn’t originate until the 1830s. This idea was introduced by a couple people contemporaneously, one of whom was Washington Irving (who created Rip Van Winkle, and who had a reputation for writing historical fiction under the guise of fact).

In reality, the concept of a spherical earth has been around at least since Pythagoras in the 6th century BC, according to Dr. Jeffrey Burton Russell. After the 3rd century BC, almost no educated person believed in a flat earth.

Yet despite this fact, it’s a very common myth that the earth was discovered to be spherical only recently. So how come the myth is so prevalent?

Russell’s answer: The defense of Darwinism. Painting medieval Christians as flat-earthers was handy ammunition against creationists, because it helps to imply that Christianity gets in the way of science."

Flat Earthers History

So it was Darwinism that convinced Americans and the world that believers in God were believers in the Flat Earth premise....when all along that was also a myth....I mean, lie! Things that make you go..hmmmmm.

Are we having fun yet??

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