Friday, May 20, 2011


I've written before on the insanity and dangers of compact fluorescent light bulbs. And I have written also on the insanity of carbon offset trading. HERE and HERE I discovered today from Anthony Watts' blog that a little light has managed to peep through the darkness on carbon offsets and lightbulbs. The light comes from the north, which is appropriate if you think about it.

Canada Finds Climate Sanity from Watts Up With That
"A sudden outbreak of sanity seems to have taken hold Canada. Firstly the idea of a carbon tax appears to have been
killed off for good:"

Conservatives kill carbon tax

Conservatives have kiboshed a carbon tax, Environment Minister Peter Kent confirmed Thursday.

“It’s off the table,” he told reporters Thursday after accepting an award from World Wildlife Fund International on behalf of Parks Canada.

“There’s no expectation of cap-and-trade continentally in the near or medium future.”

Hallelujah and amen brothers! Has Canada regained its mind? It looks that way. Having lots of oil and gas in Canada, maybe the neighbors to the north have realized it is better to have and sell energy than to make people pay for the privilege of having no energy. May sanity reign forever in the land of the maple leaves!

Then, in the same post, Anthony reports:

Government delays pulling plug on old-fashioned light bulbs

Tories propose pushing deadline to 2014 over lack of alternatives to incandescents

The Conservative government wants to postpone pulling the plug on incandescent light bulbs, saying it needs more time to allow for technological innovations and to deal with concerns about compact fluorescent lamps.

So where are the sane in our legislatures and our government? Oh, yeah, I forgot. There are so few sane in our government that we can't expect reason to prevail in the U.S.

The idea of forcing the American public to use cfl's was idiocracy at its worst.....or best, depending on how you frame it. First of all, it was a Gov/Co corruption at the highest levels. Secondly, banning a legal and proven to be safe product is just the kind of insanity control freaks long to commit against the masses. Think of the 'power' trip! (pun intended) So to do this for the sake of campaign buckets of money from GE and to then use that kind of power against the public was a double hit of cocaine to the power addicted in Congress.

I'm longing and praying Jim Demint and others in Congress can reverse the criminal idiocracy of our Congressional 'dim'wits. Let there be light!!!

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