Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have to say that Herman Cain's rise to the top has been interesting to watch. He is a likeable personality, a highly successful businessman, and has captured some vocal quarters in the Republican Party and the Tea Party.

But at this point, I see Herman Cain as serving two purposes. He is the anti-Obama candidate of the day. Which proves the Tea Partiers and the Republicans are no where close to being racist. This was not needing to be proved, but I think there are those on the Republican side still trying to prove it. And being the anti-Obama candidate of the day means he is also the anti-Romney candidate of the day. (I say that because Romney and Obama are pretty much evil twins in my book.) Being the anti-Romney candidate is why Cain won the Florida Straw Poll. Conservatives are trying to show the RNC that they don't want Romney. Count me in on that. I don't want Romney and I'm sick of seeing him confidently defending the indefensible, which is Romneycare. The other night he proudly boasted that Massachusetts didn't have to raise taxes to implement Romneycare. What he didn't say was that insurance rates have increased 14% to cover the cost of Romneycare, so more of the poor and middle class cannot afford insurance. This is the basic set up of Obama's slide into government run health care, i.e. make private insurance unaffordable so the government is the only safety net and we end up with socialized medical care. Thank you so much Mitt Romney. I have to try hard not to throw my shoe at the television set every time he launches into the subject.

But back to Cain. 9-9-9 is the slippery slope into the Fair Tax. Just like Romneycare is the slippery slope into socialized health care, the Fair Tax is the slippery slope into government tracking of every consumer action in the U.S. with the attending new Federal taxes attached. Just what we need. Now you might argue that tracking is going on now anyway by virtue of credit card purchases. And you would be right. But, that tracking is not now used to sic the Federal government on you to collect yet another Federal tax.

Over to the right on my side bar is a link to a lengthy article on the Fair Tax Fraud. It's worth reading through if you are interested in the weeds of the matter. So, no matter how nice of a guy Herman Cain is, and no matter how much you are wishing for a tax reform plan, I believe this is a disaster in the making for the "American economic engine," as Cain puts it. The Socialists in Europe already have both, the VAT (government sales tax) and Socialized health care, and I don't notice that Europe is doing all that well these days.

I guess the bottom line here is this. I'm sick of the neo-cons in the RNC and the main stream media driving the nomination of the Republican candidate. I'm not in this so these powerful aliens to my everyday life can pick my candidate. Plus, the primary season is being moved up and the time we have to choose is growing closer. This means, those of us who have a different choice than these two current front runners better step up and get in there working to elect the one you want.

Who does this leave?? I have liked Bachmann, but she is not without flaws. Having said that, she is light years ahead of Cain and Romney in my book. I would choose her as second place. Having gone through all of my criteria and process of elimination, I am landing on Newt Gingrich as the best option. I can give you all of my reasons why in a later post. But my point is that if you are not in the tank for Romney or Cain (or Perry, who was another neo-con choice, as was Christie), then it is time to step up to the plate and start going to bat for the one you do want. We are running out of time to have our voices heard.


  1. I agree with you, Cheryl, on Herman Cain but for different reasons. His support for the Fed and his idolizing of Allen Greenspan was all I needed to hear. I agree with Cain that is 9-9-9 plan would be a boon to our economy, but I still don't like it.
    I went to your link to Fair Tax Fraud and stopped at the second paragraph. I definitely do not agree with these people except that "Fair" or "Flat" tax hits the middle class the hardest even if food and medicine are exempt. Their complaints about gifts,, inheritance, and capital gains sound very much like a call for wealth redistribution to me.
    My druthers would be for one tax and one tax only; a consumption tax with food and medicine exempt. Cain's plan would get rid of the monstrous tax code but it would not get rid of the IRS, which is what I want to do. It is problematic, but whatever we end up doing about taxes it must eventually be sealed in concrete by a constitutional amendment or future Congresses will be able to change what ever they want.

  2. Yep, Jim, that Alan Greenspan statement was a bell ringer for sure. What was funny about that is that Greenspan, himself, has said he regrets keeping interest rates too low for too long.

    I link that FT Fraud page because it has the most extensive, point by point, list of objections I could find on the web...most of which I agree with and some I don't. To me, there are many problems with a consumption tax that are equal or worse to the tax system we have now. I don't believe it is the government's job to track every financial / trade transaction made by citizens. Talk about Big Brother...that would be it. It is also a set up for more favoratism, where I believe, as sure as I am sitting here, that some items will be taxed higher than others because of some bureaucrats idea of what is "good for us" or not. Food will not be left out of that you have seen some are already suggesting we banish certain foods. (For example, I send you to a site where a new "corporation status" is being set up for those who are doing the politically correct things. The reason for this is to get favored tax status for the complicit.)

    I'm not sure where the answer lies for a tax system that cannot be corrupted. The explanation for taxing food and drugs is to fund the USDA, the CDC, the FDA, etc. So why would they exempt those categories?? They won't.

    Like you and probably 99% of the people in the country, I am disgusted by the handling of the tax money collected by the Federal government. I don't see that changing, no matter how they collect it. It is the crony corruption system I think we are all objecting to. I also can't see the disappearance of a federal tax collection agency (the IRS) as long as we are paying Federal taxes.

    Anyway, the whole Federal set up is a monster at this point...I want it brought down to size. We'll see what happens...but I hope people aren't sucked into this 999 thing because Cain is such a good salesman and because they will do anything to get rid of what we have.