Wednesday, October 5, 2011


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Now onto to the main message:

We are occupied everywhere, not just on Wall Street or Los Angeles or Boston, or Chicago. We've been occupied in our schools and universities, our public squares, our local governments, our professional organizations, and our daily lives by what seem like aliens who have taken over the country. I don't recognize these people. They don't seem like my countrymen. Boy, that sounds like paranoia, eh?? But wait a minute. What do I mean?

Does anyone know what is the point of the "occupiers" on Wall Street? They don't like fat cats? They don't like billionaires? They don't like millionaires? The don't like businesses? They don't like .....tea partiers? They don't like capitalism? What exactly about capitalism have these young, vocal, occupiers ever experienced, I wonder. What possesses a young person to sit around outside in front of buildings with signs and MAC laptops complaining about capitalism? Very curious indeed. But we are "occupied" with lots of these people. And what do they want? Sounds like they want more federal government occupation of the United States and they sure as heck don't want individual rights or individual economic success.

I helped organize a town hall for candidates for our tea party recently. The town hall took place last evening. All 6 of our council seats are up for grabs. And the mayor's position is available, too. 16 candidates, 3 of whom are for mayor, the rest for council were in attendance. We asked the candidates questions regarding what their views are on our city debt, taking grants and subsidies with strings, having a financial gun held to our heads by planners to adopt Smart Growth, consolidation with other unelected governance orgs., etc. I discovered that the majority of them are not at all concerned about the federal government controlling our city budget with mandates. A few were aware of that, but several of them just said this is the way it is and we might as well get used to it. Occupied. By the federal government in small town U.S.A. We do have a few candidates who see the hand-writing on the wall and are willing to step up and fight back. Just a few. And will they get elected? In an off year election?? Who knows.

I think for me the point of our town hall was to find out who the "occupiers" are and vote against them. Not just the incumbents, but those "occupiers" running for the seats. You see, this fight against "occupiers" is not just against the Federal government and the White House occupier, though that is a big part of it. This fight against "occupiers" is now in our home towns. And home towns are financially struggling, so "occupiers" promising buckets of money are not so rejected as you might like to think. American home towns are for sale? To "occupiers?"

Some of you might remember Mayberry RFD. That T.V. series was fiction, but somewhat based on and in a little town in North Carolina called Mt. Airy. Mt. Airy sits at the top of our state in a rural area. And, guess what? Unelected planning boards and an unelected city manager are threatening the city with doing it (the greenway) or ...losing grants and subsidies from the state and the feds. In the town in which I live, all of this advice comes through the city planning department and the city manager, too. All singing from the same songbook, about benefits of quality of life, about job creation, et al. I am giving this example of Mt. Airy because I want you to multiply Mt. Airy in your mind to every single small town, medium sized city, and large megalopolis in the country. The song is always the same.

"Commissioner Teresa Lewis also backed the plan, while responding to a comment by Anderson that if Mount Airy officials don’t accept the state funding, “someone else will.” As someone whose politics fall right of center, Lewis said she has problems with how big government operates and forces localities to play along in order to gain funding for worthy projects." ("worthy?" Says who?)

“We’re hearing here today that to play the game — and it’s really unfortunate and I don’t like it — is something we have to do.” Read more: Mount Airy News - City officials debate greenway connector costs

Who is she "hearing" that from?
"City Manager Barbara Jones informed board members and audience members early on that the $2.2 million from the state won’t fund the entire cost of the connection. “We’re anticipating this project to be four-million plus,” Jones said of the total price tag for the work to link the Emily B. Taylor and Ararat River greenways."

Can Mt. Airy afford this greenway?? No. But they are "occupied," like the rest of us. Little Mt. Airy has to cough up $430,000.00 for this. But their state taxes and my state taxes will be paying for it, too.
"Specifically, board members had to decide not only whether to accept $2.2 million approved by the N.C. Department of Transportation for the connector project, but allocating $430,000 in city funding that also will be required.

So is America "occupied?" By whom? It isn't just a few thousand misled and indoctrinated college students camping out on Wall Street. It is the Federal government camping out in your city planning department with a bucketful of money borrowed from other countries. And it is the tragic capitulation of council members and commissioners who can't seem to see the forest for the trees and realize what a fraud they are committing against the citizens in their towns and America by going along with this madness.


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  2. These parasites have been feeding off of the middle class for many years. Now that the middle class has been so weakened, they are looking for a new host.

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  3. Even Mayberry is taking bribes from the Feds now? Where's Andy & Barney when we need 'em?

  4. Yea!!! I'm so glad to have you guys back to my comments section!!! Hurray!!

    Yes, Bob, where are Andy and Barney when we need them?? It's going to take a citizen militia I fear.

    Interesting, think this is why they are going after the Wall Street crowd? They've bled the middle class dry, so now they are going to extort from the billionaire class?? Interesting.