Sunday, June 2, 2013


I have never been a class warfare kind of person.  Honestly, the whole script of envy left me when I was very young, thanks to parents who taught me how much of a waste of time and emotion that was. Not to mention the Biblical lessons on coveting.  I'm grateful for those lessons.  Not to say I don't admire this person or that person or what they may have acquired in possessions, but I don't spend my life dwelling on them.     

Somehow, in America, the land of the free, our nation has created policies based on the politics of envy.  What do you think "social justice" is? Or "social equity?"  Or "economic diversity?" ---That's the one where the planners put low income subsidized housing in the middle of more affluent areas of town by force of regulations.   Notice the use of language in the policies.  Justice?  Equity?  Diversity, as if diversity is a goal of economics?   

So let's say I am a politician and I want to appeal to a mass of lower income voters.  What would entice them to vote for me?  Oh, that's right!  I can appeal to their base instincts of envy. But I won't use the word "stealing." I'll use the word "fairness."  Yeah, that's the ticket!  I'll call this "justice."  People can't argue with "justice," now can they?  I'll call it "social justice" or "economic justice," and off we go to the races!! 

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"Psychopaths don’t advertise in the paper that they are looking for fellow psychopaths, they advertise by offering to “improve” you and by seeking out “special people”. The deeper you get in the bigger the promises get."
Today someone shared an email with me that was from a 35 yr. old principal of a middle school here in North Carolina.  The email was a plea for money.  Was it for student materials?  Was it for classroom enhancements?  Was she pleading for meals for the poor students?  No.  She was asking for money so she could take a trip to Costa Rica with other administrators and teachers.  The excuse?  Because "Globalization is a key component of our instruction..."  And... "so the teachers can teach our stakeholders about others, and the way they live, learn, and work together."  She means "students," but she calls them "stakeholders."  My my, the jargon of Agenda 21 has become entrenched into a school principal's language, justifying her summer trip.  Oh, and by the way, she also plans to take a "zip line" tour of the rain forest while she is there.  She is asking others for $2500 to fund her trip.  Hmmm....just imagine the benefits to those little "stakeholders" when she returns from Costa Rica.  I can't think of any, but I'm sure she'll try to think of some....promising to improve some others lives by having you fund her summer trip.   I'm also sure she will get lots of gold stars from the upper echelon school bureaucrats for promoting globalism in her school.  Whoop Whoop!!   (I've been reminded today that this trip will also result in a business tax write off for the principal in question here..easily deducted from next year's income.  So others pay and she writes it off.  Just betting this must have something to do with "economic justice" somehow.)

Confuscious Say:  "It would certainly be to correct language. If language is not correct then what is said is not what is meant. If what is said is not what is meant, then what ought to be done remains undone. If this remains undone, then morals and acts deteriorate. If morals and acts deteriorate, justice will go astray. If justice goes astray, the people will stand about in helpless confusion. Hence, there must be no arbitrariness in what is said. This matters above everything."


  1. Anytime the elite manage to shift the burden of taxes by avoiding them and piling them on you- it is class warfare. They win and you lose.

    Anytime corporate America can privatize profits and socialize losses, it is class warfare.

    Anytime the elite can avoid sending their children to war while sending yours instead- it is class warfare.

    You can ignore, deny it, call it something else. But right now in 'merica Cheryl it has never been worse. Even Warren Buffet himself said that the elite declared war on the middle class and they won.

    I am always amazed when I stumble upon someone that says class warfare does not exist or that it isn't important. You literally have to ignore everything going on in the world to buy into that meme. Here's the important part. I don't begrudge GE's right to make billions- but not paying tax 107 billion over eight years?? Warren Buffet's secretary paying a higher tax % than he?? How can you possibly deny the facts??

    1. Gotcha, Brian. Hope you are doing great...haven't heard from you in a while! You are right on all of the above. I think this is so embedded into our system at this point, I can't help but wonder how to ever remove it. We were doing just great with "equal under the law." Why'd they have to screw it up? ....

      Hang in there...we just keep trying!

  2. So this principal has a vision for some educational innovation and seeks private donations to research the idea. What's the big problem? By looking at your profile and reading some of your material, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't like the idea of her funding her trip with tax dollars.

    "Stakeholders" is simply a useful catch-all term that educators commonly use to include students, parents, staff and the broader community which supports the schools and benefits from the education provided. It's not unique to education. Anyone who holds an interest in an enterprise is known as a stakeholder. If it's a corporation, the term shareholders is used more often. Is your point just that we should only use dummied down language in our discourse? I'd have to disagree.

    1. missed all the cogent points, so not sure I can catch you up. The principal is using the buzzwords from Agenda 21 to justify her summer trip and make herself appear erudite and above the rest. I know the word "stakeholder" is used in other areas of culture and business..but the word has taken on a life of its own with the globalist indoctrination crowd. "Stakeholders" - it's all the rage. So much so now that is beyond trite. Students are students...they are not "stakeholders" unless you want to place them into the global socialist jargon. Agenda 21. Look that up.

      My point was her justification for her trip is bogus at best. How she funds it through panhandling is not cool, since I am sure that on her salary she can afford it. I have no doubt that after all the suckers chip in, she will write the trip off as a business expense on next year's tax return.