Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The subject I am about to write about is X rated, so beware.  Oh...no, forget I said that...no one cares about those ratings anymore and no one cares if children are exposed to pornographic sex.  Heck, if you do care about such things, you can't even let your children watch the commercials on the nightly news. The age of innocence seems lost forever...at least in this lifetime.

The revelation of the cause of Michael Douglas' throat cancer in the last couple of days threw me into a case of nausea and cringing.  What Michael Douglas does with his mouth is disgusting anyway, considering the pandering to the gay community in his latest depiction of Liberace.  I guess you are considered a great actor if you can portray some unsavory person in a compassionate way.  That's the mark of great acting today, showing the supposed humanity in depraved people.  Betting he'll win an Oscar or an Emmy for that.  Not stopping there, Mr. Douglas then decides to share with the world that his throat cancer is caused by oral sex performed on someone....do we know who?  Not sure.  I stopped reading the reports shortly after the headlines.  Truly, I am sick of this constant normalizing of ...not just variations of sexual activity, but of everyone obsessed with discussing it ad infinitum.

I was told once that some men would (blank) mud to satisfy their urges.  And that was before Viagra...so heaven only knows how bad this urgency of satisfaction has gotten now.  Granting that the sex drive is part of being human (or animal of any sort), is this the major and main motivator of all human activity?  You would think so if you just landed on the planet and took a look at the culture.  I guess not having to forage for food and shelter has left humans with nothing else to do but ....well...you know what.  Love?  Not so much.  Sex!!  Yes...so much!!  Frankly, what Michael Douglas does with his mouth (or any other exuding body part) is a major turn off and I don't want to hear about it.  What happened to modesty and discretion?  So pass√© I guess.

Enter the the government health and education system!  Whoo Hoo...now we get to have government sanctioned sex!  And it covers EVERYTHING!!  Oh great!!   Not happy to be left out of the national orgy, the Federal government has decided that 10 year old children should be exposed to every manner of sexual activity known to mankind.  Why don't we just dumb down the Kamasutra for the elementary schools and let them have at it?  Or how about the Kinsey Reports....just put pornographic videos in front of 10 year old children and tell them, "Anything goes!!"  These are the same people shoving Common Core down the throats (excuse the pun) of all American school children. 

Here is a brief Breitbart article describing the school program for these young, previously innocent children.  I've seen worse than this from the schools, if you can imagine what sort of booklets are handed out to potentially gay male students.  Isn't it nice of them to use my tax dollars (and yours) on wrecking the behaviors and sexual expectations of children?  This is child abuse, sexual abuse of children.  There is no other way to look at it.  I am very sad for children subjected to this...out of context and random encouragement of deviant sexual behaviors way before they are even close to being ready for any sexual relationship.  

The Victorian reaction to syphilis was to (metaphorically and literally) draw back from promiscuity.  The dangers of rampant and illicit sexual activity were dire, to say the least.  The dangers are still around, but our culture has become mad with ignorance of health reasons for propriety.  In our society, the word "illicit" is divorced from sex. (Does anyone use that word anymore to describe anything?)  To subject children to this constant onslaught of promiscuous sexual activity is child abuse.  I can't think of any other words for it.

So much for romance and the innocence of discovery through love.  Silly me.  I know it won't happen, but this entire culture needs to take a cold shower.  Meanwhile, get your kids out of the public schools and, if you can,  protect them from the relentless inundation of inappropriate sexual behaviors in all of our culture. 


  1. How can anyone want to know what this man does in his private life. It is all about desensitization. Now the parade of physicians come forth with this heretofore private topic. I don't know how many times while flipping through the channels I come across this topic. What a crude amoral society we have become.

    1. Isn't that the truth, Bunker. I could have gone my whole life without that tidbit of information and been perfectly happy. Nothing is private anymore...much to my dismay. Really sad for children growing up with this debauchery....alas!!

  2. I teach at a public high school and have been for the last 19 years. I know it fits neatly into your worldview to believe that it's the guv'ment schools that want to turn your kids into depraved sexual deviants, but don't kid yourself, these kids have had easy, ready access to porn whenever they want it for years now, courtesy of the internet and a large number of free-market loving businessmen.

    In many, many of the lives of the high school students I see, their lib'rul teachers are almost the only moralizing force in their lives.

    I have a particular colleague who has been the missing father figure to dozens of young men in the five years he's been in my building. The only way some of them will ever learn that women are more than objects and to understand the difference between a stable, loving relationship and an unhealthy one is through the mentoring provided by public employees like him.

    1. Your excuses are ...that the culture is feeding porn to children anyway...and that young males have missing father figures. So you are saying the culture is lame and the only way to correct it is through government schools? Well...I disagree. The schools are not supposed to be "missing parents." And the schools are not supposed to be teaching sexual behavior to students. That model, of schools taking the place of parenting, has been tried by every totalitarian in the 20th century. How did that turn out?

      How odd you threw in that remark about "free-market" loving businessmen. What does that have to do with the tea in China?

    2. A Stable Loving Relationship, needs to be left to the horses in the barn.
      Just like sex needs to stay in the bedroom, and not all over the news and not pushed into our lives, as well as the lives of our children. That is, if it is to be a real stable loving relationship.
      (If a heterosexual commenced a parade, we would all be locked up).
      (Even Better Idea, Let's just all stop what we all are doing, get naked,
      and have us a Good Ol' Statewide Orgy).

      But wave a Rainbow Flag, and you automatically become Politically Correct. Then it's A-OK to be the Fag under the Rainbow Flag, even if it is seen by many to belittle the Covenant between God Almighty and Noah, and Mankind...

      Schools, and more so, School Employees, should be focused on teaching needed skills,
      instead of instilling wreck-less ideals and decadence to 10 year old girls...
      Child Molesters should be kilt off, just like spraying for crabgrass.
      And if you are teaching sex to 10 year old girls, you are a Goddamn Child Molester.
      Point Blank In Your Face From Me To You, Mr. Teacher Man.

    3. Now that I have cooled down a mite, Mr. Teacher Man, I can understand that there are depraved Children out there, who will not ever experience a normal childhood.
      But it is not the business of the gooberment to pry into every single aspect of human life.
      It is certainly not the business of the Gooberment to say to our developing children that gay is OK, any more than it is OK for the Gooberment to sanction any sexual behaviors.
      Teachers need to remain focused on teaching children how to survive in this woefully crooked world.
      And All Children need to be left alone to develope their sexuality on their own.
      And be guided in this process by their own parents.

      And, in all fairness to you, sir, by removing Christian morals from any teachings, and dis-allowing any children to the benefits of leading a morally principled life fueled by the interest in the Almighty God that was so prevalent in this Countries first years, it is little wonder that babies now get raised in one parent homes, and get babysitted by the Abominable TV set.

      I went to "High" School, in the seventies. I saw teachers smoking Pot with students.On more than only one occasion. It is No Wonder why there are so many children that will not learn the benefit of a Stable, Loving, Relationship.(comma's are so very important), Mr. Teacher...
      But the subject of this comment, is what prompted my response.
      This Junk happens, only because we allow it. What a very hollow existence these children face, in not knowing the truth about holding, caring for, and completely loving a spouse for the rest of their lives. And like I did mention, as I went to school in the seventies, Jesus The Christ, had already been kicked out, but we we taught all about Buddha, Mohammed, and the Hindu way of life.

      I am now told that this Country was not founded on Christian Principles. Although the first instrument that set our grandfathers paths, was indeed the May Flower Compact, and it does reference, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Then, The instrument to end the Revolutionary War, The Paris Treatise, and it also made reference to the Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The whole reason so many came here from England to begin with, was to be able to Worship God Almighty in Freedom from the Church of England's dampening hands.

      So Now, Mr Teacher, Many in this Great Land have decided that God Almighty just does not fit into their plans, thus, Good Moral Training has been swept out, and the children you speak of above is the exact result of this dumming down of this Countries Founding Principles.

      So get off of you high horse and understand that it is Not OK for ten year old boys or girls, to be taught about homosexuality, or sexual promiscuity.

      It does set me off to see extremely liberally minded people, who feel they have the right to decide which of the Bill of Rights to keep, and then which to paint a Big Red Bulls eye on.
      In Fact, Not a Single One of the First Ten Amendments, were to ever be changed, by anyone not by even one letter.. Some of those Amendments, I do not especially like, But they are to be preserved at all costs. Even at the price of Blood.

  3. And how does the Common Core State Standards fit into this? I see zero relevance.

    1. I said ...these are the same people shoving Common Core down the throats of all American school children. How does that fit in? The goal of Common Core is to use the school system to take over all aspects of family life, promote disregard for parents, and promote the idea that children should reveal their most intimate information with the schools. This is being done now. The Fed. government surveys handed to young students is asking them questions that #1. are not the government's business, and #2. asking things of young students that those students are too young to even grasp. The data mining going on with Common Core is a travesty...and all of this is coming from Federal policies pushed onto our schools through Common Core. They are teaching these children that there are no boundaries and to reveal things to strangers who should not have access to such information. There is your relevance.

  4. I don't know what to say, Cheryl. If people have no respect for themselves, is it any wonder that they have no respect for others. What is the end game of the liberals? Is it that people with no values and who don't care about anything are easier to control?

    1. Now that is a really good question, Jim. If I take what I have read over the years, I guess I'd have to say the ultimate goal is to rip apart any traditional or Biblical structures...and then, yes, that makes people easier to control? As you say, self-respect does have a lot to do with this. If you have no self-respect or moral restrictions, you are at the mercy of users, that is for sure.

      The next morning after I posted this, a local teacher / coach at one of our schools (married guy) was arrested for molesting young student boys over the last 10 years. One of those people...hiding behind a public persona of church going married family man. His wife teaches at the same school even. We'll see what happens with that I guess, but since the school teachers are now tasked with teaching the methods of sexual activity to all stripes of gender issues...well...there you go. Pretty rotten.

      Crazy days...to say the least!