Friday, December 11, 2009


I hate to launch into a philosophical debate on methods of government, but I have recently been reminded that many in our society have not been educated or don't take the time to educate themselves on methods of government or political history or world history. Since they lack the perspective to make educated decisions, they are running straight for the cliff, taking the rest of us with them, with no restraints.

I am an artist. I have made my career in art most of my adult life. This career has led me to own a nationally recognized product, participate in national trade shows, and be responsible for employees. Nine years ago I stepped out of that arena in order to spend more time developing my art, however the lessons learned from that national business were valuable to my perspective on taxes, on employers responsibilities, on trends, and on fiscal responsibilities. Just as a Dr. in private practice owns a business, so did I.

Along the way in my life I have made and lost some most of us do. Several of these friends were either neighbors or other women who had children the same ages as my children and had some common interests as I had in the domestic areas of life. These several women have never had to make a living on their own. They have lived through their husbands lucrative careers. Each of them have had supplemental jobs, but did not have to live on their own incomes. None of them have ever done without health insurance. Some live in gated communities. Life has been really easy and good for them. Among this group of friends, I was the only one to be divorced, a single mother, without health insurance for 13 yrs., or make my way in life without a wealthy husband or financially supporting parents. I didn't take one dime of government money to survive. I worked my tail off and made my life work without the amenities these women enjoy. Each of these several women friends of mine voted for Obama. Since this last year's election each of these women 'friends' have jumped down the rabbit hole with him and think of themselves as the high and mighty benefactors of Obama's collectivist vision for America. One of them doesn't speak to me anymore. One of them yesterday called me an "extremist." None of them have studied various forms of government or grasp the importance of the U.S. Constitution. Two of them are foreign born. All of them are influenced by the hippie culture of the sixties and hate conservatism. Which is funny because they each have aspired to become the wealthy establishment. They each hate in the media description of those "bad and greedy corporations who make profits." Bad Oil. Bad Insurance. Bad Bankers. Etc. They have no understanding of freedom because they have enslaved themselves to the money of their successful husbands. Most of these have compromised their oaths and either committed adultery or tolerated their husband's adulteries. They gripe and cavil about the husbands' control over them....which they gladly suffer for the trade-off of security.

So I guess it should not surprise me that these women are so easily duped by the propagandists in the media and our government. No surprise. Just disappointment. No backbone. Just declarations of compassion for the poor. Obama is the epitome example of what they are. Taking from someone else to support themselves and promoting socialism. They already live socialism. They know who to kiss up to, to get their skids greased. They are so threatened by individual survival that they despise the idea of it. They have convinced themselves they could not maintain their lifestyles without taking from someone else while compromising principles. And they love their lifestyles. I could go on and on pointing out the hypocrisy I have seen in these friends' lives...but that would take another two posts...and I'm really so tired of the hypocrisy of the left that I don't think I can suffer through writing it..much less making you read it. These women represent a microcosm of a bigger problem. Mass moral decay and lack of principles. And they have turned their fear against me and excluded me from their lives because they are so threatened by my message which is: you don't have to compromise your principles to live a good life and life is better without benevolent (or not) dictators, i.e. government handouts and controls. They want the entire country to live like they do, beholden to a someone with money and force.

I don't see any hope for fixing that problem. It seems, as I write this, impossible to turn around this climate of dependence. I've argued with reason to these women and they can't stand hearing it. I've argued with facts and they disregard them. I've argued with historical perspective and they have none, so they don't care. We are losing the country to people like these, much the same as Germany and the Soviet Union were lost for generations to people like these. And with friends like these, who needs enemies? Rhetorical question there...

More on this in the next post.....

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    Two thousand years ago, the Christmas Revolution began with the birth of Jesus. His teachings, not the mystic aspects, were a rebellion against Old World governments. It started a brutal counter revolution against Christians and their teachings that continue today. Christians teach sovereignty of the individual with interests and aspirations unique to each. It was individual freedom limited by the Golden Rule. Christians were outside the rule of elite few. It was a new world order in itself. It took root 1620 years after it began in the Middle East with a small band of Pilgrims settling in Massachusetts. It spread across North America. It proved itself successful. The individual interests and freedom to pursue life, liberty and prosperity proved harmonious in American communities. A free and prosperous people ruled themselves. They rejected the power of the few elite in whose arrogance thought they could do better. Christianity, because of its teachings, is targeted for defeat by those who believe community interests are more important than are individual interests. Its celebration is ridiculed and prohibited in many areas of America today. It says individual freedom is the best answer to the problems facing the world. Prosperity and freedom are not found in the dictatorships of elite still infecting the rest of the world, the modern American Democrat Party and their allies on the left. The New World, founded on the Christmas Revolution, proved freedom and prosperity. The Old World, on the other hand, prefers slavery and chains for the many.