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Continuing this train of thought...I think you can't have "collectivism" without collective guilt. And you can't have collective guilt unless indoctrination takes place in the schools, the churches, the media, and the culture at large. For a person to take on collective guilt he or she has to be walking around feeling undeservedly blessed. To feel undeserving the person needs to feel they have received more than they have worked for and contributed to society and their own families. In order to make people feel undeserving, you have to convince them that what they have is ill-gotten gain. You have to create an atmosphere of guilt around them. You show them pictures of starving children. You make them weep over suffering animals. You tell them stories of the poor poor people who have no health insurance, the homeless, the 3rd world countries with no running water, etc. Then you hit them with how this is all of their fault. have created an entire population with collective guilt. With reference to the ladies in the previous post, this is an easy set up. But for those of us who have worked hard all of our lives and come from families of hard workers, this set up doesn't go down well. Nor should it.

The spin meisters of our culture, the ones who really despise American success, have worked diligently for decades now to make Americans feel really really guilty. Americans are, in general, a very compassionate and generous people. We have shared our success with the rest of the world in spades. Yet, those who resent us are using our success to try to make us feel very bad about it, saying we have not done enough, saying we have to down-grade so others can have what we worked to gain. But this is an out and out lie. Nevertheless, that is the game being played against us. The reality / objectivism versus the fiction / relativism is at the heart of this divide. And reality / objectivism teaches us that a country of successful individuals is the reason for American success. The reality / objectivism teaches that you cannot share what has been robbed from you. Forced collective sharing is immoral theft.

American success is completely derived from individualism. The basis for our government is individualism. Without individual self-interest, there is no American success story. America was not built on collectivism. But the Federal government which was first established to preserve individualism has turned our basis on its head. Those who work for the Federal government or receive Federal funding now promote collectivism in order to shore up their own existence and keep the funding taps the tune of over 12 trillion in debt as I write this. The collectivists have so overwhelmed the individual achievers in our country, that they have reached beyond the point of Chapter 11 into complete insolvency. Margaret Thatcher was entirely correct when she pointed out that "What is wrong with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money."

Now that we have reached the tipping point, the global socialists are frothing at the mouth to pick the bones. The UN thieves want to take the land, the resources, and the money, and hand it over to all of those poor poor in the 3rd world. The collectivists in America are in the process of handing our country over to the collectivists in the global environmental movement. Our individualism means nothing to them. They only see a big fat pie to be eaten as fast as possible. That's why Obama and his administration are creating a crisis nearly every more of the pie can be grabbed by everyone else on the excuse of another crisis. A planetary crisis...a national crisis, a flu pandemic, a banking crisis, on and on. What's their answer? Collective health care. Collective energy use. Collective land use. Collective unions. Etc.

So what of the ladies and their collective guilt? What they want to share is your success, not their own. They aren't willing to give what they have. They want you to give up what you have. One of them quite literally told me she does not believe in charities because that is what taxes are for. The government is her charity of choice, yet every time her property taxes go up, she is first in line, appealing to have them reduced. These ladies are only a handful of people who have swallowed the propaganda. Michael Moore did his job well. Many more were indoctrinated. Al Gore managed to suck in a lot of suckers. And Obama used his race and his charisma to convince a lot of Americans to assuage their guilt by voting for a black man and to take the country down out of misplaced collective guilt....guilt that was beat into their heads for generations.

My recipe for correcting this disaster is absolution. Collective guilt has to be denied as the lie that it is. We cannot allow people to feel guilty for something they did not do and then have any kind of healthy society. At the same time, we need to promote and celebrate creative / critical thinking and personal responsibility. Individualism must once again be celebrated and put back in its rightful place as the point guard of our republic. Pride in America's achievements because of individualism must be given its due. We need to let people know that our place in the world is the example of hope of individuals to reach their potential. Without that we have a collective disaster from which we will never recover.
"A welfare state is in one sense a big Ponzi scheme. Without increasing numbers of people entering the scheme, there is no money to pay the people receiving the money. As Mark Steyn has repeatedly pointed out, you can't run a welfare state without a growing population."
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