Monday, February 1, 2010


So....I can't stop myself from imparting what I believe to be important information. Maybe my heart is breaking and my mind is silently screaming, but I want very badly to save America for my children and their children so I, impulsively must share some intelligence with someone now and then.

On American Exceptionalism, I want to say up front that this is not about jingoism. Blind nationalistic fervor is not the same thing as American Exceptionalism. American Exceptionalism comes from realizing our Constitution is like no other premise for government that has ever existed in the history of the world. Every other government, past or present, has been set up to favor a few elitists and use the rest of the population to prop up the ruling class. Not America. America was created to give every person an individual opportunity to succeed. That was never done before or since. That is why America is "exceptional." And that is also why the loss of our America is so devastating to the citizens of our country and to the world. (As Reagan would say..."America is the shining city on the hill.") To lose this is an unimaginable loss to each individual who lives and breathes. It is a tragedy of global proportions. To lose this to Socialists who are funded by the likes of George Soros, Steven Bing, the Rockefellers, the Annenburgs, the Clintons, and all the rest of the global elitist Socialists, is a defeat intolerable to each of us who have lived and breathed American Exceptionalism as the foundation for our lives.

Excerts below written by Leo Emmanuel Lochard published here: Talking Points Memo

"Human and civil rights come from God and they are INALIENABLE - No other nation or country in the world, or in human history, has such a universal Declaration as the only basis for its foundation and establishment. And that's why people from the four winds of heaven and from the four corners of the Earth flock to the United States of America. No other nation is like ours! "

The right way to express the uniqueness or Exceptionalism of the United States of America as a nation, is to affirm the undeniable historical fact that America is the first democratic country in the history of the world whose nation-builders created the most secure foundation for Representative Government (Constitution, voting, elections, amendments, individual Bill of Rights etc.), a first in human history since preceding forms of government up to AD 1776 only exemplified the tyranny of monarchies and the despotism of princes and autocrats."

I highly recommend you click on the link above and read the entire article. Mr. Lochard has written the crux of the matter and explained what is at stake in this fight against Marxism, as a Marxist in Chief has taken over our executive branch with many Marxist minions who have infiltrated the rest of our government at all levels.

Our lives depend on re-establishing the Constitution of the United States as the law of the land and throwing every Marxist / Progressive out of our government forever, amen.

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