Thursday, February 18, 2010


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We are living in an upside down world.....Upside down from the premise of the United States Constitution, i.e. small government,the government works for the people (not the other way around), and freedom from government to prosper, etc.

If you want to see a real hockey stick graph, one that tells you just what our illustrious POTUS, the economic destroyer in chief, has done to our country take a close look at that graph.
From Calculated Risk Blog .com

This from an American Thinker article:
Number of civilians unemployed 27 weeks or more, as of December 2007: 1,325,000

As of December 2008: 2,612,000

As of December 2009: 6,130,000

That's a loss of 3.5 million private sector jobs in one year that Obama ushered in....skillfully and on purpose. Yes, the downward employment trend was beginning to hit during the last year of Bush's term. So was Obama elected to reverse that employment disaster, or was he elected to take the private sector out all together? If you are one of those who thinks Obama actually gives one whit about private sector employment, you are either a fool or completely illiterate.
If he has any interest at all it would be to keep enough of the private sector going so he can drain it and use it to prop up his Marxist government. All he stood for was Marxist, anti-capitalist, big government, unAmerican destruction of our country.

I know that most Americans don't go looking around for statistics and graphs to help them vote in public officials who would actually follow the Constitution or who would increase American prosperity. In fact last year, many Americans refused to even look at the history of Obama's character or his records which told the story of who he was / is. (Hell, I wish it were not true, but most Americans have such a lack of understanding of history that they wouldn't know what to compare him to.) But had they looked, they would have seen that the skewed, UPSIDE-DOWN, insane, and anti-American character of the man they were about to elect was right there in front of them. The Marxist philosophy was right there in front of everyone...that is if they watched anything besides MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc. It was so obvious. So now what do we have? Keep reading....

From Red
"Several important realities need to be understood by every American citizen: 1) the government has no money for anything unless it takes it from some wealth-producing enterprise, 2) every government job puts increased pressure on the private sector and its taxpayers to pay for such employment, 3) using taxpayer money to employ more government bureaucrats and/or to provide more entitlements merely redistributes wealth without increasing the US tax base, 4) we cannot possibly tax, spend, borrow, or “print” our way back to sustainable economic growth, and 5) the only path to create sustainable jobs, avoid inflation, strengthen the US dollar, and increase tax revenues rests in private sector growth."

And this: One statement from someone commenting on that great article at Red>Red County .com "Soon government employees will outnumber private sector employees and they will be taxed to pay for more government employees. this cannot sustain itself. Chaos will follow which will justify a totalitarian state."

That's the plan, folks. Read it and weep. Or get up and start working against it....hard and fast. Upside-down is not a nice place to be long term.

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