Thursday, April 29, 2010


Having owned a business in my life, and coming from a small business heritage where my Dad owned his own business, this gives me a perspective that some people in America evidently don't have. And before I go on, you should know that I love business. I have a great admiration and appreciation for individual enterprise and creativity. Having said that, marketing and positioning are seriously important facets of doing business. What people are not seeing is that there are some corporate schlickmeisters in our government today who are using the power of government to run everything in our lives right now. These business scions are misusing our government for their own benefit. Tangling business with government is one of the corruptions that the founders made efforts to eradicate. What has happened is a massive "insider trading" scheme led by government to scam the public. I guess this post qualifies as another "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to decieve" article. Thank you William Shakespeare.

One of the tricks of marketing is to latch onto a product that is either needed in the extreme or rare enough to command high demand and prices. So, lets say you are Al Gore, having failed in politics, you want to make a killing in business. You, Al Gore, do not produce anything, but you notice that people need the environment of the earth to live. Or let's say you are Jeffrey Emmelt, CEO of GE and you want to clean up using public money. You, Jeffrey Emmelt, produce lightbulbs and windmills having noticed that people need light and they need electricity. You take a look at what people need in the extreme. you conclude air and energy are two commodities that people need. You ask yourself what is the best way to cash in?

First thing you do, if you are Al Gore, is create a perception of scarcity. You grab a bunch of people who are also looking to cash in and you create a media blitz on the dire situation of coming doom. You are so desperate to scam the public that you lie and say that even necessary elements of life, like CO2, are pollutants. You hire scientists using government grants to support your theory of scarcity and pollution. This way you don't even have to fork over your own money for investing in your scam, you can use public money. Meanwhile, you set yourself up with Enron-like corporations who are using the Enron model to trade in "carbon credits." (Look up carbon credits and you will see how people are making money trading air "pollution," i.e. CO2, for "clean" air, thereby skimming money from businesses no matter which side of the trade they are on) Just as Enron execs scammed people and went to jail for it, Al Gore should be facing the same fate. But nooooo. Al Gore has created a huge and successful media indoctrination blitzkrieg for his scam and convinced millions of useful idiots that the world is going to come to an end if you don't buy into his carbon credit trading scam. He uses government subsidized scientists to support his theory and then, if cap and trade goes through, will use American taxpayers to pay for carbon credits through his carbon credit trading company. Nice work if you can get it, eh?

Back to Emmelt and GE: This is another story with the same methods in play. Emmelt runs a company who owns NBC and MSNBC. He is looking to cash in on CFL lightbulbs, windmills, and much more. So he instructs his purveyors of "news" to inform the public of how bad Americans are for using so much energy. Through his media outlets he convinces millions of people that America must change its ways of using energy in order to save the world. He creates a demand for compact-fluorescent light bulbs which his company is importing from China. He creates a public campaign for windmills which his company is manufacturing. Then, to force an entire country to buy his products he sends millions of dollars into the democrats campaigns so they will then legislate using taxpayer money to buy and/or subsidize his products, even to the point of outlawing any other type of light bulb but compact fluorescent ones. All of this is under the guise of "the good of the earth and the country."

Rarity. Scarcity. Demand. Media. Public money. These are just two obvious examples of people corrupting the government to use taxpayer money in America to enrich themselves. Other examples are abundant in every aspect of the government these days. Banking. Investing. Cars. Home mortgages. Food. On and on.

The robber barons would be jealous. They hadn't figured out yet how to use government politicians to their own benefit, though I think they tried. Times have changed. Smart business creates a marketing blitz, a perceived demand, and a revenue stream. Today, smart businesses are using our government to do the work for them, costing the American taxpayers millions if not billions. While socialists say they condemn private business enterprise and private property ownership, what socialists do is confiscate every enterprise and piece of property out of the hands of private ownership. (Actually maybe fascism mixed with socialism is the hybrid method of the moment) It isn't that they hate business and private property. It is that they covet business success and use their power to take it from private citizens. Politicians and businesses alike are raping the economic stability of America for their own enrichment. Those like Gore and Emmelt have figured out a way to take capital by force through government from taxpayers, not to make the world a better place, but simply to enrich themselves.

Some evidently are breathing rarified air...and it isn't the taxpayers in America.

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