Wednesday, April 21, 2010


IED's are strategically placed right there in the road, like land mines, and like floating mines in the water, just sitting there waiting to go off at a moment designed to do the most damage. Such is the work of leftists in America with politically charged laws that disguise themselves as "for the good of all," but in reality are conceived for the distinct purpose of taking down the United States.

My first example of a strategic ticking time bomb comes by way of Jimmy Carter. The Community Reinvestment Act he signed in 1977 was a vehicle to force banks to lower standards for loans and money to people who could not support a mortgage loan with their own income. The loans were structured as adjustable rate mortgages which had balloon payments. Over time, the Feds put more and more pressure on the banks to create more and more of these loans. Clinton put the CRA on steroids in 1995 and increased the amount of risk to the taxpayers by subsidizing Fannie and Freddie's purchase of the high risk, subprime loans. Meanwhile, Fannie and Freddie stocks were sold to the public as a "safe" investment to the public, touting the idea that the whole thing was backed by the solid and sound U.S. Treasury. The FDIC and the SEC were charged with oversight to assure that banks were complying with the "quota" system set up by the CRA. A bank could not expand, grow, continue to operate, or even put in an ATM unless it was giving away low interest risky loans to low income folks in the proper percentages to satisfy the Federal Government. These loans, which are now referred to as toxic assets, were money losers for the banks. What does a good bank do to make up the difference? Any number of creative things, some of which were bundling the loans as derivatives and selling them to other financial investment institutions such as Goldman Sachs, AIG, Washington Mutual, Lehman, etc. The derivatives were bought and sold again to international banks who wished to own American investments. Voila! What do we get when the loans implode? An international, global financial crisis. Who gets rich from short selling the derivatives? George Soros, who told everyone last year he was having a very good crisis.

The "Progressive's" ticking time bomb always involves investments from either unsuspecting investors or the taxpayers of the American public. This is what happens when America allows its government to create a maze of tangled money systems which co-mingle private money with government money. A few people who are aware of the machinations of the systems know how to benefit from them. Those at the top of the schemes know exactly what is going on and come out of it with boatloads of taxpayer monies, while taxpayers get soaked and the solvency of the American privately held corporations, having been manipulated by the Federal Government, goes straight down the tubes. For a hundred years or more, there have been deals struck between private corporations and individuals to buy favor from the U.S. Government. But the size and scope of the Community Reinvestment Act and its damage to the solvency of privately held banks is the largest ticking time bomb ever invented by Progressive politicians. The bomb went off in the fall of 2008, but the answer from our government was to double down on the explosives and use more taxpayer money to prop up the redistribution schemes.

Meanwhile, back at the press desks across our nation, Progressives have infiltrated nearly all of the media outlets in our country. The message from these Progressive newscasters has been to promote the redistribution of private wealth into the hands of socialist programs, and emphatically demonize banks, wall street, and any other successful private business that does not play their game or adhere to the socialist goals of redistribution.

In each of the ticking time bombs is forced and complicit cooperation of private industries. The Feds forced the banks to comply. Wall Street paid boatloads of campaign contributions to Democrats to try to ward off regulations which would limit their abilities to operate successfully. AARP donates tons of money to and supports the Democrats on Health Care to try to position itself to survive the take down. GE goes off promoting "Green" all over its media outlets, NBC and MSNBC and pushes "Green" appliances, lightbulbs, etc. Why? So GE can stay in business with the blessings of the Federal Government....and then GE can buy off political favortism for its business. It has become a circular back patting convention of industries greasing pols and pols greasing the skids for industries. Eventually all of these players become arms of the Feds. Now we have an entangled web of lies and schemes being foisted onto the American public

The ticking time bomb enacted this year by the Progressive Socialist congress and Obama? The Health Care Bill. It won't work for the very same reasons the CRA took down the financial system. It will do to our health care exactly what the CRA did: create insolvency, reduce the availability of care, take out insurance companies and medical facilities across the country. Who did you hear were the demons? Doctors and Insurance companies. What do you get? Voila! Complete Federal take over of health care, a la Britain and Canada.

Next up: Cap and Trade...taking down the energy industries.

The formula is always the same. The outcome is always the same. Failure. In our case, the death of America. It's the Marxists dream come true.

None of this is the way our Constitution was constructed. The Constitution was constructed to protect the American people from just this sort of abuse. Limiting the power of the Federal Government was and is the only answer to stop this type of tyranny. Yet, here we are. Ticking time bombs going off all around us and the Constitution being ignored by politicians and tycoons alike. We didn't get here over night. It is going to take monumental efforts by Americans to reverse the damage and heal America. Not sure if this is comforting or depressing but here is a stat: It only took 300,000 Bolsheviks to take down 130,000,000 Russians. If we are the majority in America, for God's sake, we cannot let the Bolsheviks take us down.

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  1. Progressives are basically evil, and evil has a tendency to self-sabotage. See the article: "Liberal Progressive Muggers."

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