Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tea and Sympathy

"Tea and Sympathy"
Photo reference for painting

Dear readers,
I quickly have come to conclusion that I have created a habit that is killing me. I get up everyday and read the newspapers and get upset. I then go to my studio with intentions of reading a few emails and going back to my paints and brushes. But then I turn on Glen Beck and read emails from activists...and I get even more upset. I find myself so immersed in the tragic destruction of my country that I am completely ignoring the life I was living and the tasks at hand. I spend hours researching political subjects instead of painting beautiful paintings. My heart is in shreds over our country....and I am letting those who are involved in the socialist/fascist corruption of America wreck my life's gift and direction. Do I let them do this in my efforts to stop them from destroying my country? Or can I find some balance between painting joyful subjects and having my heart ripped out at the same time? I guess we'll see.

The next painting is from the above still life I have on my art table at the moment. If I succeed at the painting, I'll post it when finished. While I will still post now and again, and I will follow the news...I have to get back to my work. My love reaches out to all who have come my way in our efforts. (Especially a guy named Carl in New York who is a fine fine guy!!)

Back sometime later...

P.S. I hope like me you are praying for Glenn Beck's safety every day. He has a patriot's courage to stand up and speak out where angels fear to tread. His expose´ today of the Cap and Trade scam was investigative journalism at it's best. While he says he is not Woodward and Bernstein...I disagree. He is what they used to be....only better. He is entirely correct with his facts and his assessment of the crimes we are witnessing. The question becomes, is there anyone with any authority who will be brave enough to start the prosecutions. When does collusion to scam the public out of billions of taxpayer monies become enough to bring charges? When the crime syndicate owns the justice department and the White House, who in the country is the sheriff? I've said for quite a while now that Al Gore should be brought up on RICO charges. Now that we know about the Chicago Carbon Exchange, we can add Obama to the list of climate crime bosses. Conflict of interest evidently isn't recognized in this country anymore as corruption. Why is that?

Signing off ....for now. Pray hard, folks.

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