Tuesday, May 11, 2010


November 24, 2009

"Two Southern California utilities were awarded more than $125 million in stimulus funds from the Department of Energy today to demonstrate “smart” electric grid systems and test energy storage projects.

A group of 16 awards totaling $435 million went to smart grid programs run through 50 utilities and companies in 21 states. Another 16 grants for $185 million were given to utility-scale energy storage projects, which could help integrate renewable energy options such as wind and solar into the mainstream electricity network."

Above from the L A Times

Below from Pajamas Media

"Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi has a huge financial stake in companies likely to profit from Obama's "green" policies.
Zoi, who left her position as CEO of the Alliance for Climate Protection — founded by Al Gore — to serve as assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy, now manages billions in “green jobs” funding. But the disclosure documents show that Zoi not only is in a position to affect the fortunes of her previous employer, ex-Vice President Al Gore, but that she herself has large holdings in two firms that could directly profit from policies proposed by the Department of Energy."

Please go to the article to get more details. The gist is that Cathy Zoi is just one of the Obama buddies who is going to rake it in with Cap and Trade legislation should that abomination pass the Senate. Even without the legislation, the march of the left continues through fiat and stimulus money where they implement the not so "Smart Grid" without making it law. They just do it......sort of like the Nike commercials.

In case you aren't aware of the "green" slime crime happening to us without our consent, the two articles above show you just a tip of the iceberg of the corruption and racketeering being perpetrated on the American people in the name of going "green." I can't even fathom how much money is being stolen and how many of these criminals exist who are on the take. Well, it's "green" all right. As in the color of money. And you probably aren't in on the profiteering. Of course the "Smart Grid" is all for your best interest, you know. And we're saving the planet, you know. And we nasty greedy Americans shouldn't be able to adjust our own thermostats, you know. It just wouldn't be fair to Zimbabwe, you know.

Using our tax money and debt laden "Stimulus" dollars, the theft of America is the game of the day. Crime, Inc. is Obama's government. You ain't seen nothing yet.

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