Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We are in a heap of trouble in America. The ground is shaking. The foundations are ripped. The roof is going to cave in. And the implosion / explosion has only just begun. So I go looking for reason wherever I can find it. Or clues, or solutions, or just information to help put some perspective on things.

Some time ago I found a Russian blogger whose writings captured my attention. It's hard to explain the attraction. First he surprised me with viewpoints from a culture I, heretofore, only had minimal exposure. (and still do have minimal exposure) Maybe I am just curious. He says he is an avowed Christian and I have no reason to doubt this. He has some views on history that I find at once both insightful and thought-provoking. And because I am what you would call "as American as Apple Pie," it is eye-opening to read someone who professes to be Christian profane America in ways I cannot fathom. I love America and I love the Founding Principles of America. Partly I love America for the freedom to practice and live my Christianity. My Christian God is my center. Partly I love America for it is my home of opportunities and freedoms. Or was. And since it is "being transformed" by the Marxist in Chief, I am finding myself literally terrified of losing the America I thought was my safe home.

O.K. so here Mat Rodina is the blog and the writings of a Russian who blatantly says he HATES the WEST. Maybe what I find so interesting is that the things he hates are not my America. The things he hates are Obama's methods and philosophies. What he hates is Marxism. A Christian Russian who hates Marxism. Is it any wonder I am curious?

In the Russian blogger's mind and writings, America is the personification of all things anti-Christian plus the purveyor of oppression, unjust wars, support for Islamic Fascism.....generally the devil personified. My America? Who is he talking about?

And while I read his writings, I see a version of how someone across the world is viewing us. I don't like it. At the same time, I am seeing what this Obamanation of a travesty is doing to our country and I cannot argue that the Russian is necessarily wrong on all counts. He has good points. Our government and our politicians have moved so far away from America's foundings, that our / my America is not what I believe it is, should be, was meant to be. I find myself as angry as the Russian blogger at the destruction of our world through American governmental policies....though he doesn't seem to realize that our government does not represent America at all.

Maybe my America is lost. Maybe it was just a good idea that was trampled by corruption a long long time ago. Maybe the Russian is right that the West is a damned scourge on the face of the earth. I hope not, but his anecdotal evidence is pretty damning. The Russian is a witness.

My resistance is worn down. You cannot defend the indefensible. When your own country is doing wrong, when your leaders are corrupt, when you can no longer trust the institutions /the three branches of government, the churches, the schools, etc., when what you defend is a defeated ideology that no longer exists, when the whole world thinks your country is a disgusting cesspool......it's time to take a serious look and either clean it up or abandon hope.

The Russian blogger calls those of us succumbing to the corruption "Sheep." I know a lot of "sheep." To be fairer to those of us who are not "sheep," we have little power to do anything to stop the globalists' socialist machine. Those of us who are Christians are being forced to support propping up Muslims through laws...those who want nothing but to destroy America and the West. We are under an onslaught of Mexican illegals demanding the rights of citizens. People who speak out against these travesties are being called "Terrorists" by our own government officials. Those of us who believe in the free market are being regulated and taxed to death. Our healthcare was just co-opted by a socialist government without our consent. Our media is nearly all owned by the Soros machine. Our car companies were acquired by fiat by a fascist move by a socialist government.

We are not "sheep." Short of violent insurrection, in which peaceful Americans would be slaughtered, I wonder what the Russian blogger would have us do? Our voices are not silent. Our voices are ignored, trashed, targeted and frozen...a la Alinsky.

The America that fought Hitler and won is being Hitlerized from within and from without. The triumph of freedom, costing America so much blood and tears, is now for naught? I wonder what exactly does the Russian think we Americans could and should do?

Resistance. Something to contemplate. Or not.

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