Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Those of you who think free market capitalism is a good thing, please stand up. Those of you who think free market capitalism has been alive and well in America for the last many decades, please take a flyer to Never Never Land. Those of you who hate free market capitalism, tell me when the last time was that you saw such a thing.

From the early 1900's, since Woodrow Wilson and the establishment of the Federal Reserve, there has been a steady and deliberate destruction of free market capitalism in America. Once the politicians created a separate bank, one which they could use to control the money supply, the idea of a free market was at risk of manipulation by said politicians.

So, for over 100 years, our livelihoods have been played like puppets to the tune of enriching politicians, depending on who and what industry was in or out of favor of any particular time.
The question is, how are we to retrieve a free market based system that has been missing for a 100 years? Some industries tried to escape the talons of the federal government, and lost. The others decided it was easier to get in bed with the government in order to try to survive. Consequently, our America has been at the mercy of greedy politicians for much longer than I have been alive. When all Americans really want is to conduct business without the corruption of politicians interfering. Oh, how naive I must be to hope for such liberty. My family, some Irish and some German, all came here to escape the tyranny of governments who became so corrupt. And now we find ourselves wrapped up in the same thing we tried to escape, a couple of generations later. Tyranny. Without economic liberty, there is no liberty. Period.

All of that came to mind when I read an article from Big I live in North Carolina, whose citizens are struggling, like all those in other states, to wrestle themselves out from under the thumb of heavy handed government interference. The onslaught is relentless. The killer is that some really stupid or greedy (not sure which) keep electing unscrupulous officials who are in it for the money. Democrat, junior Senator Kay Hagan is just such a government official. She is supposedly on the warpath to get rid of "payday" lenders, citing them as bad for consumers and predatory towards the poor and misfortunate. But her campaign money is coming from who? The commercial banks who would like nothing more than to put other competitors (payday lenders) out of business. Kay would like to pay back her cronies, you know. In case that alone is not enough to convince you of Hagan's corruption, here is an excerpt from the article:

"Hagan is also carrying the water for the corrupt Center for Responsible Lending, the group who took $15 million from John Paulson, a key figure in the Goldman Sachs scandal. This money was used to undermine the subprime lending market that helped millions of Americans buy their first homes. While witnessing this, Hagan’s cronies reaped billions of dollars off of their bets against the American dream. The Center for Responsible Lending – author of the Hagan bill – was involved in a scheme with John Paulson and Senator Chuck Schumer to destroy IndyMac Bank that allowed Paulson to buy pieces of IndyMac at fire sale prices and collect billions for himself and his cronies."

Americans don't have a prayer against this type of government corruption. It was one thing for the lobbyists to pay off politicians to try to eliminate regulations. It is just another, yet worse, side of the coin when politicians are using laws and regulations to wreck companies and then profit from the devastation. It has become so obvious that we are left with our heads spinning wondering how in the hell they are getting away with this. What used to be criminal and punishable by law, is now common government practice and being promoted as the Democrat ideal. The criminals in our government are running around patting themselves on the back for their cleverness, and have corrupted the media to spin the message to convince the public that they are actually doing something good. The entire scenario is straight out of "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand, would that the public had read and understood the book.

Freedom and prosperity are cohabitants. Without freedom, the only prosperity is that of the powerful elitists pulling the strings. If we don't get the crime out of government, we will not survive the coming decade as the America we love and want to remain. My message is: STOP ELECTING THESE CRIMINALS.

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