Friday, December 10, 2010


We live in a world now where nothing is as it seems.  That's tragic for me since I am a straight up realist and, as Rush has been saying lately, I live in Literalville.  You and I are faced with warp speed information coming from so many different directions while we try to digest it and make it work for our own reality.  In fact, much of it is reporting of events we take in and immediately try to process whether these events are going to affect us immediately or will resolve somehow before the fall out from them hits us in the face.  The amazing thing today is that these events are rarely what they seem on the surface.  The sad thing is that if you have not spent a lot of time researching the causes and effects of these events and know something about history, you don't know how to process the information.  Picture an entire nation of people who have either tuned out entirely or are left with their heads spinning, not knowing truth from fiction.

Jullian Assange and Wikileaks is one of those news events.   On the one hand, it looks like some evil cyber hacker has undermined our national security.  Then it looks like the leaked information is actually in our favor.  Then it looks like our officials have been lying.  And it looks like we have been doing business behind the scenes with muslim countries and their potentates.  Then it looks like Assange has leaked really important information which debunks Global Warming and also proves that Hussein had WMD's in Iraq.  Then we hear Assange has committed some unbelievable rape in Sweden, that when recounted by authorities doesn't sound like rape at all.  Then we hear that one of the victims of the so-called rape is possibly a CIA agent trying to take down Assange.  Now we hear Assange's lawyer is also a lawyer who has worked for George Soros.  Apparently, the connection between Wikileaks and Soros' operations is fact. 

So now what?  His leaks are actual documents from government sources, so the leaks are not lies.  The questions mount up.  What is the motive behind Assange?  He has been forthcoming in saying he wants to expose corrupt governments.  What is Soros' motive?  We know he thrives on taking down governments and economic systems.  It sounds like a marriage made in heaven or hell, take your pick!  At this point, one thing seems clear.  If Assange has attached himself to Soros, he has been used for Soros' nefarious schemes and, now that Assange is in the hands of international authorities, he will be the fall guy and go down on the altar of Soros' Open Society Institute, which will never be touched by the scandal. 

Why do they need a cyber fall guy??   You need someone to create a crisis in every arena if you are taking down the most successful country in the world and setting up a One World Government.  You need a financial crisis, á la 2008.  You need an energy and environmental crisis, á la the BP oil spill.  You need an education crisis, á la the tuition riots in the U.K.  You need a terror crisis, á la the Christmas bomber, 911, etc.  You need to break the financial footing of the country you want to take down, á la funding every extraneous and unnecessary program to increase debts.  You need a medical emergency so you trump one up, á la the pretense that millions of people in the United States have no access to adequate medical care.  (never mind that is a lie)  You need an information crisis, á la Wikileaks, so you can turn around and regulate information.  You sure as heck don't want people to know the truth. 

(Have you heard the facts on the FCC takeover of the internet, so cutely titled "Net Neutrality?")

So finally I have decided Julian Assange is both a blessing and a curse, a hero and a villain, but in the end he is the perfect foil for the media / internet takeover.  Control the messages the public hears.  Propaganda.  Keeping the public stupid and at the same time create distrust of government is the only way to get the job done.  Soros has helped create an information crisis to give the FCC the perfect excuse for Net Neutrality. 

Friends, information sharing is the only thing keeping us from complete darkness. This is why some people have pointed to Assange as a hero of sorts.  It is also why governments want to shut him up while they shut down the free flow of information over the airwaves and the internet.  The One Worlder's know how to create a lose-lose situation, so, when they succeed at that, they take the reins and the rest of us are at their mercy.  It's quite cunning.   

In the meantime, we can only watch and speculate.  We have no influence over these circumstances at the moment.   Hang on for the ride.....

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Questions on Assange
" How come Assange’s lawyer, Mark Stephens, works for a foundation run by hedge fund manager George Soros, who has profited from the engineered financial crisis. Soros also has significant interests in the media, including the Huffington Post and his network reaches into The Guardian."

Texas Rep. Ron Paul doesn’t think the government should charge WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange with treason, arguing that the Australian who facilitated the unprecedented document dump should be considered part of the free press.
“In a free society, we are supposed to know the truth,” Paul wrote on Twitter Friday. “In a society where truth becomes treason, we are in big trouble.”

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  1. Wow! I wish you could have saved this for Christmas week so I could have used it then. But then I could say wow about most all of your posts.

    You are right. We are being played like a fine violin and the violin is being played by real professionals. They want us confused and they are doing a damn fine job of it. Then they've had centuries of practice. Sigh!


  2. Thank you so much, Jim, for you kind encouragement. I wish I had the creativity of Orwell, Rand, or C.S. Lewis. Smarter people than I must certainly be inspired to write amazing dissertations and satire on the times we are living through. I am in awe of those writers in earlier times who had such prescience to see this coming. I'm also missing Michael Crichton right now who would have great, very important, things to say on our current political insanity.

    You are more than welcome to take whichever post you feel will enhance reading and sharing info on Conservatives on Fire.

    If anyone else is reading this..please look to my sidebar on the right and check out Conservatives on's a great read.

    Stay tuned...

  3. HI Cheryl... I have not been able to post over the last week because I have been traveling..There are limits to my multi-tasking..:) So you found a connection between wikiLeaks and Soros?? I am not at all suprised! I thought from the beginning that we might find a possible connection..
    Stay on the trail..