Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Me, that's who. We are sadly coming up on the third year of this "fundamental change" of America and frankly, one day of it was one day too many. Longest presidential term of my life, if I do say so myself. Will it ever be over? Will we ever be rid of this guy? Will the country survive, or be recognizable, at all? Most of us are sick of the Bamster. How far away from being American can this president be? Face it, he has hit every sector in the country with the most unholy desecration he can muster up out of congress and his czars. Most of us are throwing up our breakfasts over the morning newspapers each day. Most of us are dazed and bumfuzzled waiting for the next tyrannical rule to drop. Most of us are going to need lots of health care from being sick to death, worrying over the loss of liberties and livelihoods. Most of us are longing for auld lang syne, just to be rid of the monster Bamster under the bed. Most of us want this nightmare to be over and to wake up January 1, 2011 to find ourselves back on terra firma with the Bamster gone. Really gone....outta here, out of our country, out of our lives. Make the nightmare go away.

No, I don't like him personally...and I don't like anything he has wrought upon our fair country. Polls that say people like him personally have got to be kidding.....it's a joke, right?? Who likes a tyrant? An arrogant tyrant, at that. Who likes being told your energy prices will "naturally skyrocket?" For your own good?? Not. Who likes micro-identification chips on trash bins at private homes, paid for with borrowed stimulus money, ultimately taxing your children for snooping on you? Who likes the Federal government dictating what is in the meals served to your local school children? Who likes paying more in taxes to pay for tax breaks on your neighbor's hot water heater? Who likes "death panels," and czars and president's wives telling you what to eat? Who likes having their grandmother groped in the airport? Who likes the Federal government taking over car companies? Who likes Cloward and Piven? Who likes a liar as president? Who likes having a president who represents favored racial groups and socialist constituencies, but cares not for the solvency of our economic system? Who likes this guy? Not I. Pretenses and spin are more important than truth when it comes to polls, I guess.

All of this time later, the Bamster is still keeping his documents from birth through pre-presidency secret. People on the left and the right are still asking questions regarding his birth certificate. Prior presidents and candidates have released all of their personal information to substantiate their credentials. Not "the one." Not the Bamster. Evidently, even the leg-tingled Chris Matthews would like to see that long form birth certificate. Article link below with a list of all of the other documents that Obama has refused to release:
Alas, our nightmare continues through 2011 and beyond into 2012. Every single day since the 2008 election brings another assault on our liberties. We forge onward not knowing who Obama is and suffering through the collapse he is orchestrating. Talking heads and bloggers, like me, keep speaking and writing our hearts out with warnings and action notices to those who listen and read. Yet, the Bamster just keeps slicing away. Death by a thousand cuts from within.....not any different than from without, "both foreign and domestic."

Sometimes I just have to breathe it out of me..... venting carbon dioxide, you know.....exhale. Profoundly. Deeply. Maybe if we all exhale in the direction of DC .....just a thought. At the stroke of midnight, instead of kissing your beloved and toasting to our collective and pathetic socialistic future, let's all face east in the exact direction of the Capitol and the White House and exhale as much carbon dioxide as we can. No doubt the EPA will come knocking on our doors to take us away to some carbon stripping machine. We're bad for the planet, you know.

Happy New Year? Not yet.


  1. Cheryl Pass, you listen to this old man! Don't let them get you down. Your voice is sorely needed as part of our collective voices. The Tea Parties have shown us a little of what can be accomplished if we are proactive. We were silent for far too long. Not any more! For the next two years we need to keep these yoyos off balance and on the defensive. Together we can and will do it.

    So, in spite of everything, may the Pass family have a very happy new year.



  2. Hi Jim....Lately, reading through the news each day, I am finding myself becoming more and more disheartened at the Progressive attacks on our country at all levels, that continue at record pace in spite of the "tea party" movement, and in spite of Americans voicing opposition to their agenda. "A little of what can be accomplished" is exactly the problem. At this point, I do not think politicians have either gotten the message or care what the message is...not enough of them, anyway. And I honestly don't think there is much we can do about it. They are going ahead doing what they want to do, Americans be damned. The other day, on the 28th, both of our newspapers and all of my web news was so filled with socialist &*%$#*, that by noon I was nauseous.

    Remember, my first passion is painting. And being an artist probably means I am sensitive ....sort of like the canary in the coal mine. I smell the poison rats miles away and when they get this close in masses, too large in power to deny, I really do get sick. That being said, I intend to write more exposing the hypocrisy and tyranny of the left, but maybe not quite as often. I need to get my equilibrium back and focus at least somewhat on my chosen career, my family, my aspirations. All of the joy is going out of my usual optimistic and forward looking self from constantly being focused on the enemies around us. Pointing at the devil, day in and day out, is making me look away from the beauty around me, if you understand what I mean.

    Hope springs eternal, so I thank you very much for your sentiments here. I wish you all the best coming this year, too. Because of you and others who have contacted me through this blog, I do find a lot of comfort knowing that we are in this fight together! Happy New Year back to you and yours!