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Well, I bet you thought that when you elect a mayor of your city, that mayor would be responsible to the voters in your city. That's what I thought until fiats and directives by our mayor popped up out of nowhere and have nothing to do with our local citizens' desires for our city. I wonder if this is your observation as well.

The red flag for me was a recent eminent domain taking from our mayor who took someone's property for a greenway. That was the proverbial 2X4 hitting me in the head. I wondered where in the world does this mayor think she gets that kind of authority. What would make a mayor think that people want their property taken for something so inconsequential as a greenway? To be honest, this type of over-reaching has been going on for a long time in our city. And it hasn't just been eminent domain. It has been misuse of city monies, meddling in private businesses, top down controls of what should be simple capitalism / commerce, and countless awards ceremonies for really stupid things that should have nothing to do with the purpose of reasonable government. Usually the excuses are Smart Growth, Sustainable Business Practices, Environmental issues, Livable Communities, Walkable Communities, e.g. There has never been a referendum on any of these things. No formal approval by the voters. My reaction has been one of disbelief to denial. For a long time I've thought something was radically wrong with this mayor and these policies, but I could not figure out why she thought she could run roughshod over our citizens by redistributing our tax money to force businesses to cooperate with the global warming dictates.

So I went digging. And found that mayors belong to a club. It is not a nice club. It is a club with connections and partnerships you and I don't want. I stumbled upon the U.S. Conference of Mayors The U.S. Conference of Mayors is a policy making and lobbying organization. USCM has been working against the will of the people for a long time. More recent developments are cited below:

Wikepedia on USCM
The U.S. Conference of Mayors also houses the Mayors Climate Protection Center, created in 2007 to provide support mayors in efforts to reduce global warming in American cities.[34] In June 2007, the Center awarded its first annual "Mayors' Climate Protection Awards" to leading mayors. The "U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement", initiated by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels in 2005, seeks the pledges of mayors from all 50 states to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7% from 1990 levels by the year 2012, in line with the Kyoto Protocol. As of February 2010, 1017 mayors have signed the Agreement.[35] In 2007, the mayors called for a multi-billion dollar grant to help cities fight global warming and declared global warming as first on their list of top-ten priorities.[36][37] That year the conference and the city of Seattle hosted the "2007 Mayors Climate Protection Summit in Seattle", which featured Bill Clinton and Al Gore.[38] Wal-Mart has been a corporate partner in the presentation of the first two years of these awards.[39][40]

Here is a paragraph on the programs and policies. And no, I do not believe the USCM should be telling our local mayors how to implement federal policies within the states or our cities. What happened to Federalism? What happened to local autonomy? Where did your vote go??

The organizations members serve on the Council's standing committee which recommend policies for the general body to evaluate for endorsement at the summer meetings. The endorsed policies are delivered to the United States President and United States Congress.[1][31] recycling, defense fundingglobal warming.[52][53][54] Although the organization is domestic, its reach is international. It partakes in missions to worldwide locations.[55] When the internet blossomed and Bill Clinton made plans for an unregulated and untaxed electronic marketplace, state and local officials objected. Their voice was represented by the Council.[56] Mayors may also serve on one or more of the Conference's standing committees: Children, Health and Human Services; Community Development and Housing; Criminal and Social Justice; Energy; Environment; International Affairs; Jobs, Education and the Workforce; Membership; Tourism, Arts, Parks, Entertainment and Sports; Transportation and Communications; and Urban Economic Policy. The councils supports initiatives such as handgun regulation, and

So, while we know that "global warming" is a lie and there is no need for a "Climate Protection"treaty, and we know that our Congress never ratified any of the UN treaties to that end, our mayors have been working to implement Al Gore's big lie. But if you want to be a big shot in the world of mayors, and if you want to receive federal grants, you don't care what your local voters / citizens want. What do we get? The U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Center.

US Mayors Climate Protection Center

"Under the leadership of The Conference, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) Program was conceived, making it possible for the first time in U.S. history, for cities, counties and states to receive grants specifically to fund energy-efficiency projects. This program was a top priority of the Mayors' 10-Point Plan and the Mayors' MainStreet Recovery Program. The Obama Administration earlier this year, acted to distribute $2.8 billion for EECBG, included in the Recovery Package (ARRA), which will benefit hundreds of U.S. cities."

"Energy-efficiency projects" the top priority? In short, if your mayor wants money from the feds and awards from USCM, your mayor will do what the USCM wants your mayor to do, which is cut your energy usage down to zip to ostensibly save the planet when the planet does not need saving??

Next time you see your mayor strutting around and getting awards for all those grants received by the feds, you might want to ask how much of your individual liberty your mayor just sold down the river for those awards and grants. When the "Smart Grid" arrives at your house so you may not adjust your own thermostat, what is your recourse? You have none. But you can open the newspaper and see pictures of your mayor with a crown on his or her head for being such a good friend to Al Gore and Bill Clinton?

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