Sunday, April 3, 2011


Was there a specific day or time of day? When did the purchase take place and where? Actually, maybe the better question is, "Who sold the American government to George Soros?" Then there is the question of, "Why is the American government for sale in the first place?"

Who? What? Where? When? and Why? Oh..nothing to see here. Move along. I've had many posts since 2008 on the Soros connections to Barack Obama and the Clintons. But we are way past that now...from speculations to culminations. Soros is king of the world...or playing God, as he likes to say. He will get what he wants or he will destroy anyone who gets in his way...usually both.

I'm just a one person alarm bell, so how many people can I reach with this message? Persons here and there have been ringing the alarm bells all over the place, but it evidently doesn't matter. Soros bought the media, bought the Democrat operandi, bought the Presidency and the Secretary of State, is buying up the electoral process with his machine going after secretaries of states to affect elections throughout the land, and is smugly going about his destructive life getting richer and richer which just allows him to purchase more and more of America. George Soros is one happy guy.

While Americans were being disenfranchised from the 2008 election, and while Americans were duped by nearly all of the mainstream media, George Soros was on his mission.

The article below references Barack Obama's decision to prop up New Guinea's oil industry while at the same time derailing American energy independence. American energy starvation is the Obama plan on the table, but watch the hand behind his back. Who owns Interoil, the New Guinea oil company? A major holder of Interoil is George Soros. This is nearly the same situation that occurred last year with Brazilian oil company named Petrobas. The Obama administration lent Brazil millions to prop up the Brazilian oil company, Petrobas. Soros owned large stock holdings and the next thing you know, Obama tells Brazil we want to become their best customer. At the same time, Obama has shut down the Gulf coast oil industry and refused to process oil exploration and drilling permits to American companies. So to hear Obama talk about energy independence based on solar and wind is a joke, when what he actually means is: Let's make everyone else rich with American taxpayer money, which in turn makes George Soros rich, and Americans can go eat dirt.

American Taxpayer Propping Up Soros Investment in New Guinea Oil Company Ed Lasky's Original Article

The next article explains how George Soros is orchestrating the American operation in Libya.
"By Aaron Klein

"Philanthropist billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya.

The activist who founded and coined the name of the doctrine, "Responsibility to Protect," sits on several key organizations alongside Soros.

Also, the Soros-funded global group that promotes Responsibility to Protect is closely tied to Samantha Power, the National Security Council special adviser to Obama on human rights.

Power has been a champion of the doctrine and is, herself, deeply tied to the doctrine's founder.

According to reports, Power was instrumental in convincing Obama to act against Libya.

The Responsibility to Protect doctrine has been described by its founders and proponents, including Soros, as promoting global governance while allowing the international community to penetrate a nation state's borders under certain conditions."

Read more:

Soros is all over the Libyan operation

So, folks, did George Soros buy the Presidency and the keys to our tax dollars? And were Americans completely hornswoggled into voting our country into one of the biggest coups ever attemped in history? You decide.

Trust me, these is not the only evil issues going on with Barack Obama. But they are treasonous and I could only hope he would one day be prosecuted with the full force of the U.S. Constitution on that charge.


  1. An outstanding article, Cheryl. Do you believe in coincidences? I don't. Earlier today a comment on my post recommended I visit this site
    It is an post about Soros quietly taking control of US and/or the world's food supply. So your choice of words "and Americans can go eat dirt" is very apropo.
    I absolutely agree that Soros bought and paid for the Clintons and he bought and paid for Obama. I'm beginning to believe that we have a real live Manchurian Candidate in the White House. I know that I must sound like some kind of conspiracy nut but that is what I believe.
    I hope you don't mind if I link your article and use some of your links. It seems like I'm always taking advantage of your excellent research. But the more people we can get talking about this evil man the better.


    Hows that recovery coming? I do hope you are feeling better.

  2. Hi Jim....nope, no coincidences here! At this point we all need to pray for Divine Providence. In a conversation with my son recently I mentioned the globalist NWO evidenced in our which he reminded me of prophesy. He takes it so cavalierly...while I, the mom, am so worried for my children. Actually, I think he comes across that way to try to comfort me.

    I've been after the Soros story a long time. I think I posted about the ConAgra connection last year. I did post about Petrobas. Straight out of Ian Fleming..Dr. Strangelove? And you are right on the money with the Manchurian Candidate also. Soros isn't a matter of conspiracy theory anymore. He is brazen. Yet, no one (except for Beck) in media has the courage to tell the American people that Obama is a fraud and a puppet. (along with the Clintons and the rest. Beck is always yelling..."Where is the media?" The problem being the media is already bought and paid for by the Soros machine. I'm grateful to Beck on this issue...he is showing courage.

    Please take all I have on Soros...spread the word.
    Stand strong...
    Cheers back to you!
    P.S. Am doing O.K., but not as well as I had hoped. It's sort of a mechanical issue...without going into specifics. We'll see...
    I hope you have found good lodgings in a safe place!

    I added a video this evening to emphasize the point. The person who did it can't spell the word "definitely," but other than that it is a pretty good exposé.