Saturday, April 9, 2011


Some years ago I was without electricity, water, and phone service for about three weeks due to Hurricane Hugo. It was one of those experiences one doesn't forget. I was much younger then with teenagers in the house who chipped in to help chop up the multitudes of trees we had down in the yard. The whole neighborhood at that time was abuzz with chain saws and good will to help everyone. It was an "event."

This past week we had some small (?) tornadic "event" that took out the power lines to my area. We have underground services in my neighborhood, but the feeder lines to get the power here are above ground. A dozen power poles were snapped in half and the transformer connections were blown. Our power company worked nonstop / 24-7 / to restore the power.

The first night was 34 degrees. This time the neighborhood was abuzz with generators at some homes. For us it was a slip back into survival mode. This time we still had running water, so that was a life-saver. I have a fireplace and fortunately lots of firewood stacked up. Battery flashlights and radios and one antique oil lamp were our saviours. I also have a gas cooktop stove now that I didn't have before, so with a match we could light the stove and make coffee, tea, and cook dinner. From the worrisome situation of our refrigerator, I cooked the most vulnerable food first. We were able to buy ice from a grocery a few miles away, so we packed the fridge with bags of ice to save the majority of the food. All in all, we spent a lot of time creatively thinking about how to save food and create light at night and stay warm. We huddled around the oil lamp after dark, reading and talking to each other without the blare and distraction of TV. I can't say that was a hardship. In fact, that was a very nice consequence. My husband and I missed our computer communications a lot. Both of us use the computer for there you are. Out of normal work time, but working on things we normally take for granted. No washer and dryer, no dishwasher, no electric coffeepot, no electric phones, no hair dryer, etc.

And when the power came back on yesterday, we gave a big sigh of relief and started putting all of the survival paraphernalia away again for another time. I still have to clean out the fireplace...waiting for the coals to completely cool down. I think I will spread them into the back woods for carbon feeding of the trees and green things back there.

What did I learn from this? Well, obviously, one lesson is how dependent we are on electricity. One thinks about energy starvation and what that really means. One thinks about which things one could do without if necessary. Survival mentality starts to creep in. It makes one want to buy some acres and grow one's own food. It makes one want to figure out how to get off the grid altogether. If I were thirty years old again, I know I would be giving that serious thought. But I am twice that now and can't imagine cleaning up after a cow and chickens to survive.

So dependence on an electrical power grid is the reality for us. Which is why Obama's energy starvation schemes are so troubling. The system is in place to assure us all of energy to produce and live. And for that, we produce more and live better than most countries in the world. Obama resents that. He despises America's success at providing energy for its citizens. He argues, with his obtuse and broken brain, it just isn't fair. Of course, he, himself, will not do without. Just the general population will suffer his consequences. A leader who wishes to impoverish and indenture servants to his insanity, Obama is the culmination of an idiocracy created entirely by leftists who wish to control every aspect of our lives to their benefit.

Useful idiots are there to help and implement his cause. So while I watched the power company employees work their tails off for three solid days to get our power back on, I thought about how Obama, the UN, and the idiots of socialism want to cut our power off while taking power for themselves, the power of control and the power of energy to go directly to them and out of our hands. It was a week for dichotomy, contradictions and....more contemplation on the insanity of the left. I wonder if we could figure out how to cut off the power to the White House until January 2013. We need to starve the beast..of energy, money, and power, so the beast cannot starve the rest of us.

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  1. Another excellent post, Cheryl. I'm curious. How did all leftist morons in your community respond to this power outage? Do you think any of them went through similar thought processes as you did? They had a perfect preview of what the sustainable growth people have in mind for Americans. Did any of these idiots wake-up? I suppose that's to much to hope for, isn't it?

  2. Yep...too much to ask for..The leftists in my community don't speak to me anymore. They see me as an extremist threat. LOL. If you see the next post on our mayor, you will see why. I only wish their brains were capable of that sort of logic.

    I was thinking back on this post and realized I should have said our entire existence, even without the power grid, was carbon related, i.e. the fireplace and the oil lamp. Carbon burning fuel for heat and light. The neighbors' generators all run on gasoline.

    I hope you see the picture our our'll have a good laugh. It would be funnier, but it's too insane to be believed. Sad statement of our reality.
    Hope things are good for you..