Friday, July 8, 2011


Burning fossil fuels brought us from the depths of hard labor and short lives into the most productive and healthy eras of world history. Amazingly, some people who have benefited most from the rise of technology and civilization have decided that fossil fuels are a bad thing. Those some people don't like it that western civilization evolved into a thriving world economy that has fed, clothed, and sheltered more people than all of pre-industrial civilization time which elapsed. These some people are the supposed environmentalists who have driven the argument that civilization is killing the planet.

But the environmentalists could not destroy modern civilization on their own with just their unsupported theories. Presto ! Enter the political global socialist / Marxist who likes power and wishes to control populations of people and / or depopulate the earth in order to control fewer people. It's much easier to control 1 billion people than 6 billion people. And with only 1 billion people there are fewer people to share the resources of the planet. And Presto! again...Enter the faux scientists who live off government grants who skew information to suit the new government goals of reducing life styles, and ultimately reducing population.

Whether or not you believe depopulation is the expressed goal of global environmentalist Marxists, the outcome of their policies will result in lower quality of life, shorter life spans, and eventually depopulation. Policies equal intentions when you can read their goals as they have written them in several documented plans.

"As bizarre as all this seems, one only has to go to the records of the United Nations to confirm that indeed there is this super plan for humanity to be reduced to a hunter-gatherer type of society much like that of our prehistoric ancestors." Cite

So intent is proven. And the lies are exposed. CO2 is not dangerous. And Sustainable means the government is kicking people off their lands. The question is, are you going to go to your local government and tell them you will not allow them to continue the process of eco-marxism in your area? Are you going to go to elected officials at all levels of government and tell them? And if they don't stop the process of eco-marxism, are you going to find candidates who will stop this madness?

Maybe you think there are too many people in the world. Maybe you think these policies won't affect you, but will just affect those "other" people. Ask yourself that when you try to buy an incandescent light bulb, find RFID chips on your recycling bin, or buy gasoline for your car. Ask yourself that when your heating bill "necessarily skyrockets." Ask yourself that when you go to the grocery and find half the food is imported and twice as expensive as last year. Ask yourself that when your commute keeps getting more congested and you don't know why. Ask yourself that when you open the newspaper and find that half the country is not paying taxes. Ask yourself that when the housing market goes bust for a second time and the value of your property plummets into the tank again.

Ask yourself that the next time you exhale CO2. Ask yourself who is in charge of these policies and why are they doing it?



  1. Love the video. Those are all important questions you suggest that people ask themselves. Unfortunately, to ask those questions, one must first THINK about the issues; THINKING is something most Americans to are not accustomed to doing.

  2. remind me I forget that there are people around us who just aren't thinking. Maybe I am the one in a state of denial...thinking that people are thinking. I can't dwell on that...I'll get too depressed!

    I liked that video a lot, sensible! A "thinking" man's (woman's) video...maybe there are a few of us left.