Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Let me see if I can make sense of President Obama's debt policy for the United States. Oh, that's right. Nothing makes sense from this President. So while he is on TV discussing how concerned he is that America might default on the nation's debt, he has directed our State Department to transfer $100 Billion of our money to the United Nations. What a good idea! We are $14.5 Trillion in debt and borrowing money from "other nations" so we can then pay interest on the loans with one hand while we hand over billions to "other nations" with the other hand. Hmmm...and President Obama doesn't connect this with our debt problem?

Accuracy in Media Explains below

"In addition to the annual gift of $1.33 billion to the Global Fund, President Obama has agreed to provide billions more for UN projects.

The U. S. State Department yesterday announced that the Obama Administration has agreed to contribute $4 billion to the United Nations Global Fund to fight AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria from 2011 to 2013.

In addition to the annual gift of $1.33 billion to the Global Fund, President Obama has agreed to provide billions more for UN projects.

These allocations are set forth in a 28 page document as follows:

  • Funnel $63 billion to the Global Health Initiative during the next six years
  • Make $1 billion annually to education programs
  • Give $475 million to the Global Agricultural and Food Security Program’
  • Provide $800 million from the Overseas Private Investment Corporation to Muslim-majority countries in the Middle East and North Africa. An additional $3.2 billion will be provided by private equity capital sources to these Muslim nations
  • Shell out millions more available through USAID for developing tech hubs in Uganda, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, and Senegal.
  • Dole out $80 million through the Overseas Private Investment Corporation for small to medium enterprises in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Cough up $2.5 billion annually to 90 countries to “strengthen governance and democratic institutions.”
  • Make available $30 billion through the Obama’s Climate Change Initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, $100 billion a year will be provided through taxpayer and private resources to deal with the alleged threat of global climate change.
The United States is assessed at 22% of the U.N. regular budget and more than 27% for U.N. the peacekeeping budget. Mr. Obama has requested $516.3 million for the U.N. regular budget and more than $2.182 billion for the peacekeeping budget for 2011."

Sometimes there is nothing more to say. This is one of those times. The proof is in the pudding.

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  1. Great collection of quick cuts that would be a joy to implement. How about stop giving aid to 150 countries. There are only 176 countries total.

  2. Wonder how to pick the 26 ones that are left and for what purposes do we aid them? I'd start with resigning from the UN entirely. And isn't that "peacekeeping" budget just ducky? That must be the Libya bombing campaign and funneling money to the Taliban..and don't forget the R2P Doctrine.

    Debt? What debt? What's 14.5 Trills among friends...right?
    Thanks, Bunkerville!

  3. Yeah, but surely when the time comes all these countries and organizations will help us pay off our debts, right? Geez, the United States has to be seen as the biggest sucker on the planet. Maybe some day we'll find another habitable planet. Oh, I forgot. We shut down NASA. Well, I'm out of ideas. Do you have any?

    Forgive me, Cheryl for being so snarky today.

  4. Snarky works for me, Jim! Maybe it's the phase of the moon. I've been feeling really snarky myself. Actually, I think it is the limit of absurdity that we are witnessing with this debt ceiling insanity, the markets and the ratings's all so off the charts insane that if you don't get snarky, you don't survive it. How do you save the ratings by increasing the debt beyond what the U.S. can reasonably ever pay back..reaching to the end of time? Those ratings out to be in the tank and should stay there until our government completely implodes from fiscal insanity. There is no way outta here...sorry even NASA can't save us now. WWIII cannot be far away at this rate. Course that solves the population problem, eh? Just throw some nasty bombs around and see who survives. Oh, that's right...the CFR guys and their families survive.

    See...snarky right back to ya!!

  5. Meant to say "ought"...not out. Sorry..typing too fast.