Friday, November 4, 2011


Mostly it seems incoherent. The press twists and obfuscates the truth all day long. The middle east is spiraling into radical muslim brotherhood of darkness, declaring Sharia law is the law of all of the lands. While here, we have some muslim whiner, aided by some Jewish PC idiot, complaining about a Christian Charity and causing the United States Air Force Academy to drop the popular Operation Christmas Child from its activities. USAFA Caves on Christmas Toy Drive My son is an USAFA graduate. I am a proud parent of that achievement, but it happened long before the Academy was taken over by lunatics. So while I am a proud Air Force parent, I am ashamed of the Air Force Academy today. What has taken place out there is a travesty. Most of the cadets are very fine people who have worked their behinds off to get there and to do all the right things. They strive each day with challenges you and I could hardly dream of accomplishing. Now they are told that delivering Christmas toys to the needy is not acceptable behavior because it is done in the name of the Christian holiday? For God's sake, folks. The events we witness are increasingly insane.

It is election week, next week, for a lot of cities and counties across the country. Heartland America is trying its level best to conduct a quiet and smart transfer of power on the local level, preparing for another quiet and smart transfer of power in 2012. We, the good and solid middle are trudging onward and doing our duties, living up to the Constitutional responsibilities we have been given. We carry on with determination, in spite of the nonsense and white noise going on around us.

And while we are doing this, we have property busting in Oakland, California. We have tent cities in New York, Boston, and who knows where else. The colder weather in the north and the east is liable to help put the kabosh on the "Occupiers," one can hope. But they will keep festering, all ginned up by the communists in the universities and the Democrat Party, so by primary season in the spring, they will be trashing the place and bellowing stupidity loud and clear. It isn't a pretty sight...but then it isn't supposed to be. This is supposed to be the trashing of America. Order does not live with chaos. And that is the point of it all.

The current occupant of the White House, whose name I can hardly bear to speak any longer, has effectively created a scene of unrelenting internal attacks on the structure of the United States of America. He promised to do it: "We are five days away from transforming the United States of America." And so he has. Much to everyone's dismay. Well, everyone except George Soros and Hilary Clinton, along with his cadré of destroyers.

Nothing makes sense. Supposed conservatives are rallying behind a candidate who sits in conference with the likes of Henry Kissinger. Surely, that must be a bad joke. But no, it is exactly the case. The candidate Cain, who was on the board of the Federal Reserve, sits with one of the global cabal, a member of the CFR, and appears to be enjoying the moment immensely. Cain with Kissinger And conservatives are howling about how he (Cain) is being lynched by the press for stupid sexual harassment allegations, when what should concern everyone is the subterfuge of who just exactly Herman Cain is and who he is bringing along with him.

Chaos. It is going to get worse. The O in the White House intends it to be so. He is delivering on his promise. Everything we loved and held dear is being ripped up and tossed into the incinerator....because the O loved and cherished none of it. The left loves none of it. The Democrats have loved none of it for decades. The media is so full of getting paid big bucks for selling hate, they lost their souls along the way. O figured out how to buy corporations who were all too willing to sell their souls to a corrupt government. America Inc. learned this by sitting at the tables of too many politicians.

So each day brings us a little more and a lot more, until you wake up one day and find the country completely dis-functional. Heartland America is becoming heart-sick, frankly. I wonder how long we can keep trying to hold it together. I'm still trying. I know lots of really great people who are working over-time, as I am, to keep it together. In the end, we will have given it everything we have. Today, I'm not sure it is enough. But, maybe it's true what they say, "It is darkest before the dawn." Some days it looks pretty darn dark. Today was one of them.

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