Thursday, November 10, 2011


Reflecting on the election on Tuesday, I am beginning to believe that a majority of Blacks will never give up the Socialist mantra and embrace freedom from economic suppression. Since Obama's election in 2008, we have seen more race based animosity toward liberty, so much so that I am amazed at the entitlement attitudes. The difference between living off the largesse of statists and living in liberty doesn't even get discussed in Black conversations, except in articles by Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams. In my view, this shows a lack of confidence in individual ability, a lack of creative intelligence, a lack of historical perspective, and a clinging to enslavement that Blacks can't ever seem to get past. The amazing thing to me is I would have thought that Blacks would be the first ones to run away from the even the slightest smell of statist control. They, of all people in the U.S., should be carrying the banners of freedom in front of every gathering they attend. Instead, they are grabbing onto every government program and every suppression of liberty attached they can get their hands on. (I am generalizing. I do know there are many Blacks who do not buy into the statist set up, but definitely not a majority of them, unfortunately.)

Charlotte, NC, the big city to my east, voted all democrat, all socialist in this election. The John Locke Foundation reports below, an article by Tara Servatius:

"Republicans will never hold a majority on the Charlotte City Council again, the Observer accurately reported. And if a 9-2 Democrat victory is what happens in an off year, non presidential election, it is doubtful that the GOP will ever hold a majority on the Charlotte City Council again the Observer opined.

I’d go a step further. It is doubtful if the GOP will ever hold an at-large seat on the Charlotte City Council again.

But that’s not even the biggest story here. That story the Observer missed entirely, as usual. Here’s what they wrote:

There are twice as many registered Democrats as Republicans in the city of Charlotte, and even unaffiliated voters outnumber Republicans. On a map, the moderate-to-conservative southern wedge of the city can’t match the rest of the pie. Democrats’ 2-to-1 edge in registration was reflected almost exactly in the vote: Mayor Anthony Foxx beat Republican Scott Stone about 2-to-1.

Um, yes. But this wasn’t just a Democrat victory. This was an African-American Democrat victory. Democrats may outnumber the GOP by 2-1, but more than half of Democrat voters are black, making them the largest distinct voting group in the city — and the group that determines who wins Democrat primaries, the only ones that matter anymore."

That's Tara. She has reported on this changing demographic in Charlotte for years. She doesn't mince words. And, she has been spot on, predicting the turnover of the Charlotte power base to a socialist, social engineering experiment, much to the dismay of this writer. Why do Blacks keep going all in for Democrats?

For myself, I am sad to see the situation in Charlotte turning into something other than what it used to be, a charming city with a sort of 2nd gear Southern flavor, melding different cultures in an even handed way. One used to be able to go to different areas of the city and enjoy a leisurely lunch or dinner, shop very good stores, traverse without high traffic congestion, go to the theatre or a concert, and have a great day. Now it has become a Smart Growth nightmare of daring to drive anywhere, covered up with politically correct everything, ridiculous venues (paid for by taxes) that are going bankrupt, crowded, and definitely not fun. I, frankly, don't care about the color factor so much as I care about the mishandling of growth, the influx of government money that created the mess, and I am missing the gentle pace Charlotte used to exemplify.

That being said, all of this "change" has been wrought by bringing in government money. And with that government money has come force of change. Change into what? Detroit? Atlanta? A city that thrives on Federal government controls? This is why the Democrat Convention is landing in Charlotte next year. Charlotte is the latest poster child for losing local autonomy. Blacks followed the government money. Entitlements. Social programs. Affirmative action. Gone is the feeling of success. The city feels as if it is moving at breakneck speed, headlong into some kind of bureaucratic gridlock. There is little there now that makes the trip worth the effort.

I just want to ask, why do Blacks think government money is benevolent? Why do they not see the connection between socialism and enslavement? Why do they think voting for Democrats makes them any better off? Under Obama the Black unemployment rate is worse than other races and not improving. African American Unemployment Rises Under Obama Life is worse under Obama for everyone, but he certainly has not created an environment of prosperity for the Black population. Yet we have Hip Hip Hoorays for the continuing downward slide of America and Blacks are determined to stick by their man.

Maybe most Blacks just can't wrap their minds around the idea that they don't need someone else to tell them how to live. Maybe they can't grasp the facts that the Constitution applies to them? Maybe they just can't motivate themselves to get out from under the thumb of government? Maybe liberty is just too frightening for them? This is not going to end well. As time goes on and the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics grow in this country, what are they creating for themselves? (and for those of us in the White category) Liberty or more statist control of their lives? Just wondering why Blacks want continued oppression. Confounding.

On the side bar to the right, notice Thomas Sowell. And Walter E. Williams.
(Caveat here: I am not saying the Republican Party doesn't have its own share of statists, just that Democrats are completely in that camp.)


  1. To bolster your point, the 'Congressional Black Caucus' should be called the 'Congressional Black Socialist Caucus' ... racism, I'm afraid, is still alive and well in America--but its practitioners are now black Democrats.

  2. You're not the only one banging your head over the question of black politics in America. It is a very complex social issue. It has been a terrible shame that the first black President was a Marxist-racist instead of someone more like Sowell or Williams.

  3. Thanks, Bob and Jim. Totally agree with you, Bob, on the Con.Black Caucus. It is totally Socialist and not bothering to hide the fact, either. Since the construct of America is supposed to be far far away from being Socialist, what are they doing here? Makes no sense. Plus, as I said, the antithesis of freedom is Socialism, so what is wrong with this picture? Nuts.
    Quite right, Jim, it is just a "terrible shame." Wishing doesn't make it so, but this could have turned out so much better for everyone if the first Black President would have been a stalwart freedom loving capitalist, someone who could have led them out of the muck they keep creating. Alas.