Sunday, February 26, 2012


I don't mind saying I am relishing every delicious moment that the Climate Change (Disruption - Warming caused by humans - or whatever they want to call it now) dogma is being proven false and fraudulent. The pace is picking up finally. God bless Lord Monckton for all he has suffered over the last years for telling the truth on this subject.

The latest revelation of the lies has come because one of the arrogant so-called scientists, named Gleick, has confessed to criminally accessing documents from the Heartland Institute Climate board. He is also being charged with manipulating documents to change their meaning in order to support the lies being spewed out of the corrupt Climate Science industry. The FBI has been called in Stories abound on three sites: Junk Science, Climate Depot, and WattsUpWithThat. So not only did this guy present a fraudulent identity to access the Heartland documents, but then went on to change them to prevent Heartland from getting the truth out there.

Think about this. When all of the supposed science is proven to be false, what are all of those folks going to do with their little minds? Oh, that's right. They will think up another crisis. I was reminded this evening about the hullabaloo over the YM2K Millennium Bug that was going to take down all of the world's technology at midnight when we moved into the year 2000. Not to mention the hysteria in the '60s about the coming Ice Age. When the premises are found to be fraudulently false, do those who promote these false ideologies ever get prosecuted? Do they think they can just waltz away after perpetrating fraud onto the public? They have. And they will continue to do so, hiding behind "scientific theory." This, even though they have been adamant that their "theory" is bound in concrete data and we now know that the concrete data was fiction and manipulated rubbish. In short they are committing fraud against the public and never getting charged with it. What is being done is also called "racketeering." They should be brought up on RICO charges.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about all of the regulations and wasted money over the Climate Change nonsense. Not just the cost in the billions and billions of dollars implementing these idiotic schemes, but the cost of loss of productivity and time to our generations of people who have lost jobs cannot be calculated. The tragedy is larger than I can speculate. Spain's loss of employment due to the "green energy" nonsense is enough, but multiply that across Europe and our own nation and what do you have? A hole the size of Saturn blown in the economies of the most productive nations in the world. How do you calculate that?

Meanwhile, as if nothing ever happened, the global idiots, sycophants, and green greed grabbers are gathering their high carbon plane rides to go to Rio + 20 Conference in June. Obama Administration Joins in the Festival of Global Greenness

"Nevertheless, the long-term goal of Rio + 20 remains the same: to push the world as fast as possible toward a drastic reordering of social, economic and industrial policies, reorganize global distribution of food and water supplies, and engage in mammoth international financing exercises and new exercises in “global governance” to make the whole scheme work."

"One approach for Rio that the U.S. government is strongly backing is to engage as many people, institutions, businesses and governments as possible around the world to sign onto a “Compendium of Commitments” –in effect, a set of green goals of their own devising—that will create a groundswell of activity in line with the conference’s aims."

“These are voluntary, non-regulatory commitments that any party is willing to put forward,” a State Department spokesman who is knowledgeable about the process told Fox News. “It would not require a negotiated resolution on behalf of the U.N. community. “ It could be, say, a beverage company that promises to cut water usage over the next ten years.”

Right, and I've got a bridge in Arizona to sell you today. (send cash) As if the United States government is not going to continue or increase the tax manipulation policies of the Global Environmentalist / Social Equity crowd, and continue the un-representational funding of these evil schemes. Punishment for non-compliance will come in the form of regulations and taxes. There isn't going to be any "voluntary, non-regulatory" to this. Have no doubt. Just like incandescent light bulbs didn't get banned. Right.

So never mind that the science is bogus. Never mind that the entire premise of the Rio + 20 Conference is a fraud. They will just continue on as if nothing ever happened.


  1. "They will just continue on as if nothing ever happened."

    Yes they will. Until some nation or group of nations stands up to the UN, nothing will change. The entire hierarchy of the UN should be charge with crimes against humanity. Then the UN should be dissolved.

  2. Yes...'fraid so. I wish it were just the UN, though. Unfortunately these global warming nimcompoops are all over our government, from the top all the way down, I might add. So we need to start charging the Americans involved in this with crimes against humanity. Agree with you totally on the UN...needs to be gone.
    Thanks, Jim!