Thursday, February 23, 2012


Yesterday I was trying to cheer up a friend who was looking at the current state of affairs and coming to the conclusion that the Tea Party has made no difference at all. I told him the Tea Party is still alive and kicking, but those people are working very hard on the grassroots level. I told him not to give up. Today I feel like giving up.

I've said it before. We are now living in a country that cannot commit to the simple definition of marriage being between one man and one woman. I might sound like Rick Santorum right now, but I can almost envision the devil himself laughing maniacally at his incredible success. "Court Finds DOMA Unconstitutional" Of course that would a Federal judge in San Francisco.

I have heard those trying to say that social issues should not be raised in a political debate. I've heard them say the social issues don't really matter compared to the fiscal issues or should not be applied to political policy statements. Really. Who out there doesn't understand that social issues impact fiscal issues? Huh? And aren't the progressives (Malthusians) the ones who are always pushing social issues into the arena, from abortion to gay marriage to so-called social equity?

Frankly it has become more sad than ludicrous. It used to be ludicrous. Now it is just sad.

From Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker Mr. Marcus tells the story of his father, who is a minister, is being told by Bishops in his denomination of faith that they have decided not to protest a same sex marriage law in Maryland. The father is relaying the message that several of the ministers support the law of same-sex marriage. Really.

I am coming to the conclusion today that my friend came to yesterday. We're done. There is no coming back. People have lost their way, their moral compass, and their minds. When clergy in the United States is so destitute of moral character that they would turn their backs on the Word of God, I don't see any hope for a recovery of our nation. Both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are being dubbed irrelevant by relativists who suffer no shame or consequences for turning their backs on either.

My personal feelings are that those who participate in same-sex relationships have to answer to no one but themselves and God. But that does not translate into a mandate for societal blessings for their activity in my opinion. Let alone blessings from clergy.

A nation that cannot agree that the definition of marriage is between one man and one woman is not going to survive. Just one more sign that we're done. So done. Stick a fork in us.


  1. The Fabians set out a hundred years ago to break the grip that Christianity had on American culture. I believe the Christian leadership failed to respond adequately and by the sixties had lost much of their influence over our youth.
    America has lost its moral compass and I haven't a clue how we win it back.

  2. Yes, Jim. And you are the friend I was trying to cheer up! I seem to be on a yo-yo, going between hope and despair. I know that many churches are falling into line with the Fabians and Malthusians. You are exactly right that the Christian leadership failed and, I would say is still failing even more. Put that together with the indoctrination in the schools, the illegitimate birthrates (no Dad at home), the cultural influences from film, music and gaming industries, et al, I wonder, too, how do we get it back?