Friday, June 1, 2012


(Our newspaper is about to publish an article this weekend on the issue of Smart Meters.  In anticipation of that, I have written the following op-ed and submitted it to them. )
When utility companies and government collaborate, the buyer better beware.  When complicit media tells you to reduce your energy consumption because of catastrophic climate predictions, followed up by government regulations forcing you to reduce your energy consumption, and then utility companies figure out how to make you buy less of their product while charging you more for it, you need to put the dots together and figure out why and who is driving this policy. 

 The first fact you need to know is that there is no Man-made Global Climate Change Catastrophe. Environmentalists have gone from Chicken Little lunatics to modern day scam artists.  Ice Age predictions in the 1970’s turned into Global Warming in the 1990’s and back to Global Cooling today. Normal people want to be good stewards of their environment. So why lie about it?  Because blaming humans for future, speculative, catastrophic events, turns into government grants, and subsidies, and opportunities to profit.  Knowing this, you can look beyond the scare tactics and take a hard look at who benefits from them. 

Man-made Climate Change has been proven false, but the desire to control humans is ongoing.  Eliminating incandescent light bulbs, putting up monstrous wind turbines, shutting down coal plants, subsidizing ethanol production and failed solar plants, forcing the manufacture of electric cars, are all wasted efforts which only serve to transfer consumers’ and taxpayers’ money into the hands of opportunists. The insidious question for government and collaborating businesses remains this: “How does one create a false premise in order to take advantage of man’s desire to be a good steward of the earth?”

The latest energy scam? Smart Meters.  Modernizing the energy grid for our nation seems like a good idea.  Everyone wants a reliable energy supply. But the devil is in the details. Smart Meters are an offense to all citizens for many reasons:
#1. Real time surveillance by utilities and government - 4th Amendment search and seizure infraction.
#2. Health risks due to higher Radio Frequency concentrations.
#3. No cost benefit to consumers, higher rates, peak hour rates, opt out fees.
#4. Higher danger of home theft, strangers’ knowledge of personal activities within the home.
#5. National security issues, larger grid networks at risk of hacking, larger area of vulnerability.
#6. Personal energy use information will be sold to manufacturers.

Are you willing to pay astronomically higher rates to cook your dinner in the evening or take your shower in the morning?  Are you willing to give some stranger access to your personal life habits?  Are you interested in exposing your family and yourself to extremely high radio frequencies? Do you think our energy grid should be one huge system, vulnerable to enemy hackers?  Who do you want in charge of your thermostat? Laundry at midnight, anyone?  All the while you are being told to cut your energy use, the purveyors of these lies continue to jet around the world and live large.  (President Obama, for instance, flies his barber into DC from Chicago twice a month.  And you thought John Edwards’ haircuts were extravagant!)  The same liberals who yell about keeping the government out of your bedroom are hell-bent to have the government in your entire house.

Over recent years the public has been told that fossil fuel energy is too scarce, when new sources of oil and gas energy and methods of retrieving them are being discovered daily.  The public has been told that it is bad to buy from evil enemies of the U.S. and that our only option is to cut our energy use to the bone, when, in fact, it is government restricting supplies.  Governments at all levels are pushing energy consumers into some guilt-ridden psychosis with the goal of forcing Americans to use less energy.  While efficient energy use is a reasonable personal goal, our leadership has gone into the netherworld of zero allowable carbon goals, completely unattainable goals that will require rationing. The perfect tool for rationing would be the Smart Meter. I urge you to adamantly reject any utility company placing a Smart Meter surveillance device on your home or business.  I also encourage you to alert your lawmakers that you will not, now or ever, accept the installation of such a device on your home or business. 



  1. Here's hoping your letter is printed and people pay attention. I must say, however, I am losing faith in humanity. Every past civilization failed by rotting from within and it appears this Western civilization is following the same path. This time TPTB are ready to take advantage like never before.

    Our so-called president wants to approve the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) giving control of the seas to the UN. Rumors are he also supports the UN having control over the internet.I read the other day that Warren Buffet is buying up community newspapers like mad. What does he know that the rest of us don't?

    Will there be another renaissance some day?

    Meanwhile we must continue to resist.

    Cheers, dear friend!


  2. I know, does seem hard. Your comments reminded me somehow of Dickens' England and the evil characters in his novels. I guess that just reminds me that the character of most men is low in all generations. On a brighter note, my son and his family have spent several days this past week at a Christian conference in Tennessee where 2500 people came. I think that is hopeful at least. He said it was inspiring at the same time as warning about the crises we face.

    Buffet and newspapers, eh? That is curious. Controlling the message is one of the tools, you know. On the LOST debacle....I pray that is once again defeated. The UN is evil...I can think of no good coming from it. Wish it could be scrapped...but that would be dreaming.

    Yes...a renaissance. We can hope for it. We'll stick together and carry on!!
    Hope you have a great is gorgeous weather here today!


  3. Well written and you covered the bases. Did they take it? What did their article look like?
    CAN you opt out where you are?
    We can't in WI yet. But 14 other states allow some sort of opt outs. (see Naperville Smart Meter Awareness for more)
    P.S. Your art is very nice.

  4. Hi Jill,
    They did publish it actually. I wrote in anticipation of this Smart Meter roll out coming here fairly soon, but I don't know the time table. I'm trying to alert people here...if anyone will listen. There are pilot programs in Charlotte. The worry here is that the likely next governor is connected to Duke Power by money and career...sits on their board, or used to. We are trying to tell him...NO NO NO don't even try it with these Smart Meters. Plus we just had a merger between Duke and Progress energy co.s so the monopoly is even bigger now.

    You can check out this fellow's website:
    His name is Michael and he has been valiantly fighting this issue in Nevada using great research. Read the articles on his sidebar...maybe there is some help there for you in Wisconsin.

    I checked out your page...terrific. Hope we can stay in touch...please let me know if you have some progress on ridding Wisconsin of these meters...or at least opting out.

  5. I am in Jackson,Tennessee.My rep said there is currently not an opt out for Tennessee. I want to get it removed.

  6. According to my sources, there is no legal mandate to force people into Smart Meters...but the utilities have lied about this. Can you go to a State legislator? Or is there anyone / a group in Tennessee fighting Smart Meters?
    Here is a link to a friend of mine in Nevada who is fighting this off...going to PUC meetings and contacting elected officials.
    Good luck!!