Sunday, June 24, 2012


 In the name of Sustainable Development, will people ever wake up????

I can't grab the photos from this particular page, but please go here and see what proponents of Sustainable Development have in mind for housing in France.  You'll notice all of the usual alluring descriptions about energy efficiency and green certification.  Since this is in France, it made me wonder if this is the new definition for La Cage Au Folles!   

But I digress....

The people who deny the existence of Agenda 21, or ridicule those who are warning our fellow citizens, should do some serious research. The document "Agenda 21" is published for all to see and easily found on the web. Bill Clinton's "President's Council on Sustainable Development," which began bringing the tenets of Agenda 21 into the U.S. through Federal agencies and funding, is easily found on the web. Obama's White House Rural Council is easily found on the web. The wording of all of these is deliberately alluring and utopian, however, when you understand what this government dependency brings, you can easily see these plans have nothing to do with your freedoms or rights. Agenda 21 is complete dependency in trade for loss of freedoms and rights. Once familiar with the doctrine of Agenda 21 / Sustainable Development / Smart Growth, all those curious enough can find the exact same doctrine in our State agencies, Counties and Cities. 

The real question is, how can anyone deny the existence of Agenda 21 when the facts are staring you right in the face? The real question is, why have our leaders sold out the U.S. Constitution and implemented a doctrine that completely undermines our sovereignty, our rights, our freedoms, and our economic security? The real question is, how many unelected agencies and bureaucrats are dangling borrowed taxpayer funding in front of our councils and commissions to bribe them into implementing this doctrine? Without a ratified treaty, our leadership has bypassed Congress and proceeded to economically rape this country in order to satisfy the power-mad on the global stage. Once economically broken, once resources are out of the hands of citizens, once herded into mega-regions into high density enclaves, our American sovereignty is gone. Global Marxism has been marching right into our lives, without our permission, through our own government, for years now...under obfuscated idyllic names meant to entice the unsuspecting. 

So this is all bunk and people are crazy? When the utility company puts that Smart Meter on your house and charges you higher rates to monitor all of your energy use in real time, maybe you'll begin to ask those questions. But that would be too late, now wouldn't it? 

What is crazy is denying reality.  

Links & info:
WH Rural Council (Basically an executive order for Federal agencies to take over all aspects of rural America, all the while talking about improving quality of life, putting people back to work, et al.) 
(Interesting to note all of the Clinton PCSD pages have been updated to say "Climate Change" instead of "Global Warming."  This indicates to me that the PCSD initiatives are operating today even though Clinton has been out of office for what....13 yrs. now? )
  1. Working Group on Economic, Regulatory, and Voluntary Measures. This group examined a broad range of economic instruments, regulatory approaches, and voluntary steps that could be taken to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. These could include tradeable permits; tax credits/deductions for investing in improved technologies; carbon taxes; mitigation measures for economic or regional dislocations; partnerships among the investment and insurance communities, government, and industry; various regulatory approaches; and voluntary initiatives. Working Group Tri-chairs: Environmental Defense Fund, BP America,U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


  1. I don't imagine the French elite will be living in those apartmentss or anything even remotely resembling them. But the rest of us need to submit to these sustainable living concepts because it's for our own good. People are not likely to wake up, Cheryl. Too few aree paying attention and for others it is just too much work to figure why it is bad when it sounds so good. The environmental Marxist will never stop. They may be slowed down from time to time; but they always come back.

  2. Hi la France? Ha. Nuts! When I was in business, one of my sales reps was commenting about a competing sales rep saying "That woman could sell %$^&*$*$&#^ in a bag to anyone!" I think about that now and again when I see these liberal leftist con artists selling *$&*^&&^$^%& in a bag. The environmental Marxists may never completely go away, but they will go back to their caves when we stop funding them and patting them on the head for their stupid wreckless ideology. They have to go away or we are all doomed. The other scenario is they will go away when the Lord shows up and smacks them down. Guess we'll see which comes first!