Tuesday, August 14, 2012


During the last couple of days I've spent some time going over videos and statements by Paul Ryan, just to assure myself this Veep pick is the elixir for my deep concerns over our future.  I have to say, the more I see the more encouraged I am.  

Those who read my blog know that Climate Change lies, and all attached to them, really get under my skin.  So when I find the "progressive" leftists yelling and screaming about Paul Ryan's positions on the lies, my heart is doing a little dance!!  Let them yell and scream all they like.  They are done...stick a fork in them.

If you want to see the yelling and screaming, HERE you have it from the Soros lackeys at "Think Progress."  If you want to see many reasons to vote FOR Romney - Ryan, that article lists all of the votes Ryan took to kill the draconian insanity of energy starvation and more...including voting to rescind that stupid light bulb tyranny.  

More good news from Politico:  
"A fiscal blueprint passed by Ryan's House Budget Committee in March called for “Ending Cronyism and Corporate Welfare.” And it said it would “immediately terminate all programs that allow government to play venture capitalist with taxpayers’ money” — a clear shot at programs like the one that aided Solyndra.

"The budget resolution from Ryan's panel said its strategy “scales back spending on government bureaucracies that are seeking to impose a job-­destroying national energy tax. It assumes increased revenues from bonus bids, rents, royalties, and fees as a result of lifting moratoriums and bans on safe, environmentally responsible exploration for domestic energy supplies. And it allows private development of all American-made energy, including nuclear, wind and solar."
There are more articles in this vein at Climate Depot

I'm not saying the man is perfect.  I still have some serious quibbles with him on some other votes.  I have big quibbles with Romney, too.  (Mostly on Romneycare and gay issues.) But, we can vote for Romney - Ryan and hope this nation moves toward rational thought, or we can allow the Communist in Chief to continue on the path of complete annihilation. 

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