Thursday, August 9, 2012


The other day I had a rare experience of meeting with our DC Representative.  (Republican)  As with the norm, these things are short.  He gave our local Tea Party board just under an hour to meet with him.  He brought two staffers.  There were three of us from the board.  He's looking for support for the Nov. election, running against a left-wing looney who lives on Kool-ade.  I did my homework.  I took notes with me.  I tried to hit some issues I thought were critical to us.

Backing up for a second....I happen to have known and watched this young man for a long time.  He went to school with my son and daughter.  He was locally known in the early days as a firebrand conservative. Was a nice young man.  Now he is around 37 or 38 yrs. old.  Still young, but has been in this political arena his entire adult life.  Now he is a career politician.  

During this interview, he rather off-handedly said to me, "I want to get us off oil."  This was in the middle of my telling him I was not happy about the Smart Grid and Smart Meter incentives, grants, and federal force taking away our choices on energy.  I was so taken aback that I didn't know quite what to say for a minute...and then the conversation was flying all over the place with the others at the table and the moment fled.  I remember thinking to myself, "What was that?"  And then I thought, "That is too large of an issue to even try to approach in this short venue."  So I followed up and emailed him later.  There has been no reply.  Which is also typical.  I rarely hear back from elected officials these days.  

So getting off oil?  I have no idea where that came from or what possessed him to say such an idiotic thing.  I suspect the Republicans and Democrats in Congress are both going in the same direction of green energy.  And I suspect this is due to the heavy lobbying by green environmentalists and the green energy corporations funding campaigns to skew the money their direction.  I see it happening all around us locally, i.e. the two parties moving toward "sustainable" hell. 

What on earth is causing people to move in a direction that is so completely detrimental to our national sovereignty, our economic health, and our freedoms?  A "Green Dragon?"  Seems so.

I just read two articles proving the idiocy and economic damage caused by this green energy insanity.  One article is from Britain.  The other is from Germany.  

First from Britain, is THIS one.   Snippet here:

 "The Government’s ideological obsession with wind power is inflicting ever greater damage on Britain, driving up our energy bills and ruining our countryside. Brutalist, expensive and inefficient, wind farms are nothing more than vast monuments to political vanity. They contribute little to our electricity supply, yet they cost us all a fortune."

Then Germany chimes in:

"The public discussion about Germany’s green energy transition has taken a new direction. The rise of electricity prices in Germany is suddenly no longer blamed on the billions spent for building solar and wind farms, biomass plants and power grids.
Now it is “the industry” which is being blamed for its lobbying which has resulted in a variety of financial reliefs, compensations and tax exemptions and for abandoning the ‘community solidarity’ of this ‘national effort."

Back in the states, also at Junk Science, came this from Nevada:
"As U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid prepares to host his fifth annual National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 7, a Nevada Journal examination of Nevada’s renewable energy sector shows that over $1.3 billion in federal funds funneled into geothermal, solar and wind projects since 2009 has yielded and is projected to yield just 288 permanent, full-time jobs. That’s an initial cost of over $4.6 million per job."

Whoa....$4.6 million per job?  That is a lot of kilowatt hours for some folks who could use them.  Divvy that up and imagine what great things could be done if that money had stayed in the private sector.
I don't know about you, but I'm seeing the handwriting on the wall.  When a former firebrand conservative comes home to talk with his constituency and casually states he wants to "get us off oil," I have to conclude that a very large Green Dragon has threatened, cajoled, bribed, extorted, and breathed some heavy duty Global Warming fire on some formerly sane people.

And since that is likely the case, and there is no great substitute candidate for whom to vote, I'm feeling the breath of that Dragon on the back of my neck.  Maybe that is why people think there is Global Warming when there actually isn't.  It can get very hot in hell with Dragons hanging around. 


  1. Possible the greatest error our Founders made was not putting term limits on all ellected officials and judges. sounds as if your congressman has been feeding at the trough of Republican statism and maybe he has also fallen for the global warming scam. How did your other board members react to that comment? It may not be too soon to start looking for the congressman's replacement in the next primary.

  2. Yep....I never thought I wanted term limits for Congress, thinking we would lose the baby with the bath water. But I am leaning closer to that idea as time goes on. As for this particular Congressman, we (our Tea Party) tried really hard to get him out of there in this last primary, but didn't pull it off. This guy has a ton of banking money behind him and the conservative who went up against him didn't have anything close to the campaign money of the incumbent. The other board members were not as tuned in as I was at that moment. One of them was all about schmoozing the Congressman and the other one was more concerned with gun rights.

    The thing everyone heard and tuned into was the Congressman saying that there are bills coming to him he just won't consider...and the ones he does consider are 3 parts what he wants and 2 parts what he doesn't want. So that tells me every single bill is watered down and corrupted to the point of being worthless. He acted like he is just coasting along and voting for a lot of things he really isn't keen on...but that is the way it is done. ??? To me, that means we might as well just throw in the towel unless or until something fixes that. And how that happens? No one knows.

    So there you are, Jim. I came away pretty discouraged for future hope of fixing Congress. Crumbs. Not what I was hoping to hear...that is for sure.