Thursday, July 23, 2009

Freedom of Information, While We Still Have It

Truthful information is key. Opinions of those who have educated insights is key. Moral fortitude in the face of detractors is virtuous. Support of the original Constitution of the United States is the only path worth following. Informing the public is critical to the success of our country.

To this end, I am adding a couple more links on the side bar of this blog. The first is FREE REPUBLIC Free Republic has resources and links to everything you could ever want in order to research your own talking points whilst trying to convince those diabolical lying Democrats and Marxists in our midst. The other link is EXPOSE OBAMA

Expose Obama's mission statement begins as follows:

About Expose Obama

We are a committed group of citizens concerned that Barack Obama is a failure as President. His liberal policies are a mistake for America.

Expose Obama came together during the election campaign of 2008, and the website was visited by over two million people. We are a project of the National Campaign Fund, a political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission.

Despite our best efforts, Barack Obama was elected. Now our job is to fight his radical agenda in the US Congress and in the public debate.

I know it takes time out of your life to devote to reading issues and contacting Congress to object to their out of control madness. This isn't time I had planned for myself either. We are forced, in this perilous time, to fight back somehow against this onslaught of Marxism. Patriots before us fought for us. They took their time, blood, sweat, and tears to provide this country with freedom for us. So, if we believe God blessed us with the greatest country on earth, we owe it to our children to fight onward to preserve it for them.

Keep the chins up and the emails flying toward your congressional reps and senators. Don't give up. Don't give in.

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