Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Fantasy Vacation

Our Grandbaby Pays for O's Vacation

(and everything else O does)

The O family is spending our money on their vacation in a high rent neighborhood on the Cape, so we decided to stay home this year. You see, it's only patriotic of us to use our money on their vacation instead of our own vacation. The rent for their vacation dream house is between $35,000.00 and $50,000.00 per week. And we really do think it must be the American dream for the worker class, everyday citizens to pay for our President's family vacation...especially when our country is out of money with no real hope of getting back on its financial feet. Seems Imelda Marcos had nothing on the Obama's. Is this the "Change" you were hoping to get when you voted for this guy?

I guess to be more specific, our grandchildren are the ones who will be paying for O's vacation. There isn't any money available for his vacation this year. O and his minions have already spent us into oblivion, debts we will never get out from under. The O's are going to the Vineyard on the country's credit know, the one you and your family will be paying for for generations. (Please don't forget to add the interest onto this debt.)

Oh, say we are only paying one third of it. third of O's vacation probably could have sent a whole lot of people on a cruise ship to the Bahamas. Or possibly fed several families for an entire year. Even the vilified Pres. Bush vacationed at his own place. There was no rent involved. Yes, we paid for the secret service security detail, but we weren't paying for the Bush family to vacation at one of the most expensive places in the country in a recession.

So, this year you can take your vacation vicariously. As Peter Sellers famously said in his movie "Being There," "I like to watch." You will get the glossy magazine pictures of the First Family having the vacation of your dreams while you hope you can make the mortgage payment this month, or you hope you still have a job next month. It's only fair.....right?

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