Monday, January 25, 2010


Please take a few moments and watch the 6 minute video below! Listen carefully to what Rep. Paul Kanjorski has to say about the financial crisis during the election of 2008. The video was made in Feb. 2009, but you haven't heard this in the mainstream media.

I don't know if you remember the circumstance just before the election when McCain went flying away from the campaign, back to DC, to address a money crisis while Obama acted cool and said he didn't need to go back to DC because he could stay in touch electronically. The crisis was no big deal to him. He could walk in at the last minute, look like Mr. Aloof and sign onto whatever Bernanke, the Fed, the Treasury, etc. were recommending in the way of borrowing boatloads of money to get us through the crisis, putting America so far into debt we are likely never to get out of it.

This was long ago....over a year ago, but the demeanor of Obama during that time stays with me. The actions of McCain appeared at panic level, while Obama just swaggered his way through it. People took this as "cool-headed" calm in the face of disaster. It was interpreted as leadership quality.

There is no doubt in my mind that someone(s) created that crisis to throw the election. No doubt whatsoever. And there is no doubt in my mind that Obama knew exactly what was going on under the radar on his behalf and had no reason to get his shorts tangled up because it was all planned for his power grab over the government of the United States.

The media, of course, had shushed the story (the under the radar behind the scenes story) because it was all playing into the mainstream media leftist utopian dream of a socialist America. No expose, no in depth search as to what in the devil happened, nothing but trashing McCain and "oh look at that cool Obama." "Isn't he just the type of leader we need?"

So folks, only twice since then have I come across a hint of what that financial crisis was all about. Below is a video from C-Span from February last year that tells you someone(s) was/were sucking as much money as fast as they could out of our banking system in the fall of 2008 before the election. My guess is Soros and his fellow Socialist billionaires were the perpetrators under the radar. My question now is what could prevent this from happening ever again? Another question is will we ever audit the fed? As long as there are forces with that kind of power over our government, We the People are at their mercy. We are pawns in a very high stakes chess game. All of the people who are out of work and who are defaulting on mortgages and who have lost their retirements can thank George Soros and his buddies, thank the Carters, Clintons, Bushes, and Obama for wrecking the middle class and making the poor so much poorer. Socialism is just great isn't it ? (Remember this; Socialism is a two tiered system made up of a few powerful rich and the peons. There is no middle class in Socialism. AND REMEMBER THIS WHILE OBAMA GIVES HIS STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS THIS WEEK. )


  1. Wow Cheryl.....what an excellent find!! So correct to state that most people never heard this then or since!!!!!! It should be priority to find out who did the electronic run on the banks........but the silence and the coolness of Obama during the time is, as you said, indicative that he knows ALL about it and will, more than likely, use the same technique again!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Brenda...This is another instance where most of the media hid this from the majority of the public, so people still don't know what happened, why, or who was behind it. As I said, I've only seen this information twice since then. It was so successful at wrecking our economy that I am sure whoever did it will stop at nothing to create another crisis to insure power in the wrong hands. As Beck tells us frequently, the system is going to implode at some point. Not very comforting, eh?