Thursday, January 28, 2010


Several times in my posts here on Obama, I have mentioned George Soros as the man behind the curtain. It occurred to me that some of you reading this blog may not know of Soros, who he is, and why I tell you he is the magical puppet-master controlling our government and our elections.

So I send you to this information site: DISCOVER THE NETWORKS

Click on that link and read a brief overview of who Soros is, who he funds, and how he skews elections. If you thought Obama was just a manifestation of the Chicago mob, you would be wrong. He is where he is because of George Soros. You can bet Obama / Soros will not back down until they completely destroy the United States of America.

Just a reminder of how and why we found ourselves in this mess. It isn't an accident. It isn't because Americans hated George Bush. It isn't as if America deserves what it is getting. It is orchestrated from behind the scenes, from under a rock, by a master manipulator, and not because we are such a terrible nation, but because our success is hated by George Soros and those who are connected to him, including the media.

Americans don't deserve destruction by a billionaire Nazi who, by proxy, is pulling the Obama strings. The recent Supreme Court ruling allowing corporations free speech regarding future elections could help throw off Soros' influence peddling. And that is, no doubt, what rubs Obama so much on that ruling. He is fuming that his benefactor will have some competition in the influence peddling game. The benefactor is fuming. Last election Soros held all of the cards. Next go round, there will be others with some money speaking out against the Socialist take-over of our country. (God willing) You see, free speech is an anathema to the devil....he hates the truth, so he will shut up anyone who speaks it against him.

Go Judge Alito!!!! I'm proud of you!!!

Added info from a Big Journalism article written by Kyle-Anne Shiver:
Click here to read

Here is an excerpt:
The Soros-Obama “remaking America” agenda also got a huge blow last week from the Supreme Court. As Richard Poe and David Horowitz outlined in their book, Shadow Party, the fundamental control of the Democratic Party has shifted away from union, corporate and local political machines to a range of NGOs, largely funded by George Soros. Soros nearly single-handedly financed the lobbying efforts to pass McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform. In so doing, he was able to harness far greater political control for himself. Now that large portions of the law have been deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, a fight will be necessary to salvage his leverage. President Obama has already signaled that this fight will be one of his own priorities."


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