Sunday, January 10, 2010


Sometimes, as I am reading through other political blogs, I come across comments from people who are able to articulate my own views and frustrations very well that I want to collect them to remind myself that there are others out there in cyberland who know, as I do, that the Democrats and Obama represent the lowest of the low that have ever walked in the halls of our government. I say "represent" because they aren't the first, but just the latest in a string of communist / leftist / socialist / fascist / progressive diabolical thugs who want nothing but to over-throw the Constitution of the United States of America.

That said, here is a comment I bring to you from a guy named James who wrote on the American Thinker site:

"The whole agenda behind the Health Care Reform Bill, is not better health care, the real purpose is to transfer people’s hard earned money to the power elite in DC and big corporations, The working poor will be obligated by force of law to buy health insurance they do not want and cannot afford or pay a fine and go to jail. Medicare will be slashed which will turn Seniors into second class citizens when it comes to health care. The whole bill is a huge tax on the middle class with no concomitant benefit. The Bill is riddled with back room dirty deals that maggot like politicians who feed on the body politic are hatching under the cover of darkness. The polls already show the majority of the pubic are against this bill. Remember the draft? that wasn’t even a universal mandate. This Bill will impoverish Americans and turn them into slaves of State. The Democrats who are ignoring the will of the people all must go. They are all scum and should be driven out of office."

Well said. I am only somewhat comforted to know that there are a lot of people in this country who feel as strongly as I do on the subject. Small comforts are at least something in a world of bad bad bad news.

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