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I have grabbed this post from WATTS UP WITH I could not resist having a little fun and good news since my previous post today was so glum. This is good news. If only the idiots in congress and our courts and executive branch would wise up and get rid of this carbon tax insanity forever, it would be none too soon for me. I also grabbed one of the comments from this column because the guy said everything I would like to on the subject and said it soooooo well.


French Revolution! Carbon tax ruled unconstitutional just two days before taking effect

29 12 2009

This new French carbon tax was scheduled to go into law on Jan1, 2010. The tax was steep: 17 euros per ton of carbon dioxide (USD $24.40). In a stunning move, and surely a blow to warmists everywhere, the tax has been found unconstitutional and thrown out. Originally found here (Google Translation).

Lord Monckton was kind enough to assist me in deciphering the meaning of the ruling and writes:

In France, if at least 60 Deputies of the House and 60 Senators appeal to the Constitutional Council, it has the power to pronounce on the constitutionality of a proposed law – in the present case, the 2010 national budget of France, which contained enabling provisions (loi deferee) for a carbon levy. The Council found that these enabling provisions were unconstitutional on two grounds: that the exemptions contained within the provisions for a carbon levy vitiated the primary declared purpose of the levy, to combat carbon emissions and hence “global warming”; and that the exemptions would cause the levy to fall disproportionately on gasoline and heating oils and not on other carbon emissions, thereby breaching the principle that taxation should be evenly and fairly borne.

The Press release from the French Constitutional Council is here in English (Google Translated) and in original French

Here’s a Deustch-Welle news article on the reversal.

France’s Constitutional Council says the country’s proposed carbon tax is illegal. This is a severe blow to French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s plans to fight climate change.

France’s Constitutional Council has struck down a carbon tax that was planned to take effect on January 1st. The council, which ensures the constitutionality of French legislation, said too many polluters were exempted in the measure and the tax burden was not fairly distributed.

It was estimated that 93 percent of industrial emissions outside of fuel use, including the emissions of more than 1,000 of France’s top polluting industrial sites, would be exempt from the tax, which would have charged 17 euros per ton of emitted carbon dioxide.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has argued the tax is necessary to combat climate change and reduce the country’s dependence on oil.

However, the council’s ruling is a severe blow to both Sarkozy’s environmental plan as well as France’s budget for 2010. The government now has to find a way to come up with about 4.1 billion euros in revenue that was expected from the tax.

Here is the comment I LOVE:


Hallelujah!! I think it’s time for everyone here to get our acts together, pitch in (30m hits is enough of us to make the money thing less painful) and graciously ask the assistance of the good Lord Monkton to take the key players in all this to task (court). It’s time to get this nonsense thrown out for once and for all! Tax Shmax….it’s the damage all this alarmist bull is doing to my kids’ brains that really gets my back hairs up.

Doesn’t anyone else find this situation as absolutely fundamentally RIDICULOUS as me? I mean really! At what point did the human race get so stupid as to let an obviously bogus hypothesis get this far down the track…..If it wasn’t so absolutely ridiculous it would be hilarious… fundamental logic and a good look at the data could only leave the world population with nothing left but a very feeble case for the precautionary principle.. It’s the emperors new clothes and the boy who cried wolf all rolled into one…but for the fact that the perpetrators of this juggernaut have managed to put most of the worlds people into some sort of a trance! ‘We believe, we believe’…..

How did it ever get to this point? I’m stunned! We have blogs like WUWT that spend every day battling to justify nature…..mind boggling! It’s like one of those experiments where everyone stays in the waiting room as the smoke wafts under a door way and everyone looks at each other waiting for the first person to get out….little sheep baaah baah…

The big players need to go to court and the world needs to be told the outcome! We are causing damage to our society, our kids are growing up thinking they are going to drown and fry at the same time! It all amounts to fraud and it’s inexcusable to let this thing keep playing out the way it is.

The time has come to end this ridiculous charade. It’s time to employ the same tactics that the other side uses, but with truth and logic!

30m hits is a potentially powerful tool if we all mobilize, get our ducks in a row and help someone like Monkton to drive this thing home for once and for all.

I’m sick of having to justify logic to people who believe a man that states on national television that the earth is several million degrees just 2km from the earths surface. What a farce!

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