Friday, October 29, 2010


Thursday I decided to go ahead and vote.  I had some time that afternoon and the weather was nice, so I headed to the local, easy to find, early voting office.  I parked my car and walked up toward the door when an elderly gentleman and his elderly wife came along the sidewalk.  He appeared to be in his eighties, maybe close to 90.  I stepped aside and let them go ahead of me into the door.  There was a line of about 10 to 12 people.  The elderly wife needed to sit down so her husband found her a chair just inside the door.  

Just then a "line facilitator" showed up and told the man his wife could not sit there, that she had to go across the room and sit on the opposite wall.  So the elderly man dutifully assisted his wife across the room to the other chair.  I was still standing in line when the elderly man was making his way back to the line.  At that point, I spoke up and suggested to the "line facilitator" that the elderly man get in line in front of me because he and his wife had entered the building ahead of me.  By that time a few more people had come in and gotten in line behind me.  As soon as I spoke up, a very loud voice behind me shouted, "OH NO YOU DON'T...YOU DON'T CUT INTO THIS LINE."  I turned around to see a black female around 38 or 40 yrs. old who was still mouthing off at me.  I politely said to her that the elderly man had come into the building ahead of me and that he was helping his elderly wife to the chair some distance away, so he actually belonged in line ahead of me.  "OH NO YOU DON'T, she yelled with an unmistakable 'chip on the shoulder' attitude.  "HE COULD HAVE VOTED IN THE DRIVE UP OUTSIDE IF HE WAS SO OLD AND WANTED TO."  "HE'S NOT CUTTING IN THIS LINE."  The facilitator, I assume not wanting a confrontation, completely ignored this interchange and escorted the man to the back of the line some 6 or 8 people farther back.  

The elderly gentleman and his wife were white.  The woman doing the yelling was black.  

I thought to myself this woman has no respect for her elders.  I thought to myself, that elderly gentleman was old enough to have fought in WWII to assure that woman's rights and her life in America.  I thought to myself, what kind of person would do that? I wondered what another 2 or 3 minutes would have mattered to her to allow that gentleman the courtesy of going ahead.  I thought to myself, she did that because they were white.  I wondered, if they were black would she have caused that kind of mannerless, disrespectful scene?  I turned back to face the front of the line and I did not look back at her again.  I was appalled.  And sadly, I also thought to myself, that woman was an Obama zombie.  Had to be.  No Christian conservative with respect for others would have done such a thing.  No reasonably mannered person would act so thoughtlessly about helping an elderly couple through the line to vote.  

So I voted.  I was glad to get that done.  But I came home feeling really sad that there are people in this country with so little regard for others and with such hateful chips mounted on their shoulders and "entitlement" attitudes engraved into their heads.  I could make and excuse and say she was too young to have a grasp about WWII and what that generation did for us.  But you know what?  There is no excuse for bad manners, or for showing lack of consideration for elderly people.  I'm making no excuses for that woman.  And I'm making no excuses for Obama either.  No excuses.  NONE.  Very sad indeed.

One good thing....I was grateful for paper ballots since I am hearing of touch screen fraud going on all over the state.  At least I manually filled in the little ovals and did my best to assure it was done correctly.  We'll see how many lawsuits hit the fan after this election.  


  1. it sounds like you had to deal with two imbeciles that day. The line facilitator should have had the backbone to tell that( I'll be kind) woman that he elderly gentleman had been there first.The elderly deserve a modicum of respect. I'm retired and living in Venezuela and I'm always escorted to the front of the line when I go to the bank. No one ever complains

  2. I forgot to mention that the elderly gentleman had on a neck brace, too. Honestly, I think we are becoming a very uncivil society and if we rot from the core, we are in very big trouble.
    Once, a few years ago, one of my sales reps told me we would eventually be living in gated enclaves and would be afraid to leave them. Her vision haunts me.
    Thanks for commenting..
    What made you retire to Venezuela?

  3. Cheryl...I'm afraid the gated enclaves are right around the corner.

    I'm also sure voter fraud will be an issue for several months to come, and much will just be accepted and unresolved.

    It has already been set into motion...that things will get worse for a very long time before glimmers of light/hope appear. I have been wrong many times before. I pray this is one of them.

  4. Hey Dean...Your sentiment here echos Beck's message, too...that things are going to get worse. Makes me wonder if you stab the beast in the leg, he gets even madder so the punishments will be more severe. Then you stab the beast in the other leg and he growls even louder. The only way to kill the beast is a stake in the heart. The Marxists are going to continue howling and yelling louder, so we have to take the power out from their hands. I vote we keep stabbing with truth until we hit the heart and send him whimpering off into the night, never to show his ugly face again.
    How's that for Halloween analogies?

  5. Hi Cheryl,
    I know what you mean..It makes me sad always to see this kind of selfcenteredness and lack of empathy.I think age is not valued here in general..this is not so true in other countries ..particular in Asia... Still there is cruelity everywhere in the world it is only colored differently. Generally having a kind spirit cost nothing...It is good you have this..
    As for this woman..I agree no excuses for her but you know..she will always be miserable in her life because this is the price you pay for being this way.
    Ohh thanks for visiting my Candela..I have been working like a beaver on it! hahaha I quoted you once or twice.:) I have been telling people also you say."Vote like your life depends on does!" I love i it!
    Take good care ..stay in touch..