Thursday, October 14, 2010


 The U.S. Constitution guarantees equal rights under the law to each citizen. Period. As history would confirm, people in power skew the laws to enhance their own power, gain votes, assuage their own egos, and, in our last 250 years, try to circumvent the U.S. Constitution. In my lifetime I've seen the powerful in government distort law-making in ways that would make the founders throw up their hands and give up on humanity entirely.

The Democrats use a form of twisted morality to justify their power. Instead of equal rights to each under the law, the Democrats are happily in the business of handing our exaggerated rights to certain classes of people, creating a class system to benefit Democrats / Liberals / Marxists. Democrats twist the great words of Martin Luther King about judging a man by his character and not his turning it into affirmative action, different legal thresholds for different classes of people, and making it special circumstances to enact a crime against someone if they are "protected." This is not what Martin Luther King had in mind. He was talking about "equal" under the law....not "special" under the law.

A recent example that sailed through the Democrat owned Congress is this one:
Sponsored by John Conyers, member of the Congressional Black Caucus, introduced his bill....

HR1913, previously introduced in Congress in 2007, seeks to expand upon the 1969 US federal hate-crime law by extending beyond federally-protected activities and towards bodily crimes motivated by a victim’s actual or perceived gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability, in addition to the current provisions of bodily crimes motivated by a victim's actual or perceived race, color, religion, and national origin. It would also codify and expand the funding and investigative capabilities of federal officials for aiding their local counterparts.

Folks, there is no reason for this nonsense. If law-makers and law enforcement would just follow the Constitution, i.e. equal protection under the law, then what could possibly be the reason for adding layers and layers of protections to certain people for certain other reasons??

The reason is this: Democrats are in the business of setting up "protected" classes of people in order to get votes and money from certain groups. They are also creating laws based on thoughts and speech so as to restrict more of our liberties. In other words, if you say something offensive to or about the "protected class" you are committing a "hate crime." Those in our midst who have made a career out of victim-hood love this sort of extra-constitutional law-making.

So here's the deal. I was born a red-head, Scotch-Irish all the way through. How many times in my life have I heard jokes and derogatory comments about red-heads? Lots. Believe me. Being a redheaded, freckled, sunburned teenager was not a lot of fun.  I wonder if it is time I get a campaign going to pay back all those mean people who kept me down by discrimination and who said those awful things about my genetic make-up. That's the ticket! Then if someone knifes me in the back, either figuratively or literally, I can take it up with the thought police and prosecute the perpetrator for a "hate crime." I can get reparations from the courts and stick that perp with double the punishment!! Great idea!! I think I should be a "protected class." Red-heads unite!!! Where's the rally?? Start making signs and march around the court houses! Congress just has to fix this discrimination against redheads.

Are we having fun yet??  The Constitution was precise.  "Equal rights," not "special" rights for homosexuals, blacks, latinos, muslims, or any other particular groups.  The Founders had it right...the same rights for all....redheads included.


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    It has been awhile since we have connected but you have sucessfully motivated me to develop another blog where I can appropriately express myself on political issues. You see if you scream long enough and loud enough people (like me) do listen.haha
    I have been so busy the last severl months that I have been really bad with the comments and emails even though I always catch you on facebook or here .. ( I will catch you up on my lastest and greatest projects :) )ohh my new creation Is:
    I hope you are well..Stay in touch as you can.

  2. Hi HAS been a while. We are all so busy, it is a wonder we have time to sleep. I checked out your new creation and it's off to a great start. I will be looking forward to seeing all you post there!
    So glad you decided to do that. We are down to the "do or die" moment in history I believe. Stand up or be squashed by communists. I am really anxious to see how things turn out on Nov. 2nd.
    So glad to hear from you again...
    We will stay in touch!