Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This may be a dumb question, but do you wonder who it is voting Socialists into our government?  I do.  I have been wondering this for quite a few years now but, since the run-up to the 2008 election, the question nags at me every day like a bad toothache.  The existence of Socialists in our country is not news.  The news is that Socialists have lied, cheated, gerrymandered, and bribed their way into the American government to such an extent now that they are brazenly out in the open.  America finds itself on the brink, at the tipping point, that Socialists have been dreaming about for years.  The march toward a complete Socialist take-over, which began with Wilson and FDR, has now reached the moment of so much dependency on the State that a large portion of Americans are takers instead of tax payers.  info here  "As recently as the early 1980s, about 30% of Americans lived in households in which an individual was receiving Social Security, subsidized housing, jobless benefits or other government-provided benefits. By the third quarter of 2008, 44% of the public lived in such homes."  The takers will soon overwhelm the tax payers by such a plurality, especially under Obama Care, that Socialism will have taken over.  Dependency is the cocaine of the Socialists.  Get them hooked and the power is yours.

There is a good side to that awful news.  The good side IS the brazen, open arrogance of them.  No longer hiding in the shadows, they are bragging and swaggering and talking out loud in public about just how powerful they have become.  Yes, folks, the McCarthy era is over.  It's over because the vindicated McCarthy died young, because Hollywood glamorized Socialist ideology, and because Socialists took over the school system and indoctrinated millions of students over time into anti-American ideology.  From FDR to Obama, Socialists have undermined the United States Constitution and the very fabric of American life with all kinds of supposedly "feel good" welfare laws and programs.  Like snake oil salesmen and saleswomen, the Socialists have played the American public like patsies at a rigged back room poker game. 

So maybe my question is a little off.  Maybe my question should be: why are so many Americans patsies?  Who, with the sense God gave a dog, buys into the Socialist dogma?   Even if you never had one lesson in American government, would it make sense to buy into "spreading the wealth around?"  Even if you never heard of the Founding Fathers, would you vote to force your neighbors or grandchildren to pay for your house or your car?  Even if you never heard of the U.S. Constitution, would you actually believe in the "free lunch" promised by the Socialists?  Did you really think your taxes were supposed to pay for abortions in Africa?  When  you lose your job, your health care, your house, and your small retirement investment, when it is obvious the government policies caused those things, do you then turn around and vote to have that same government steal from someone else to bail you out?  Who are you?  What sort of person does that? 

And if you have voted for Socialist dogma up until now, is it possible you don't see the destruction those Socialists are causing? 

I have an understanding that older Democrats seem to think the Democrat Party is some sort of savior from the Great Depression.  There are Democrats who are linked into farm subsidies and various other props of big government.  I am picturing the Joad family in the Grapes of Wrath who, during the Great depression looked to the Federal Migrant Camps to save them from desperation.  And even that didn't work out too well.  Steinbeck, in his novel, never addressed the government policies that led to the Great Depression.  He focused solely on the Joad family's attempt to survive the Dust Bowl and the migration to California.  These are the kind of Democrats who always look to the government to save them, while not seeing the same government, or their own bad choices, caused the economic disaster in the first place.  Without that understanding of government manipulations, a person cannot comprehend the fact that the game is rigged against them.  And if they can't understand that, then they keep voting for the same disastrous Socialists over and over again.  The Democrat Party, gradually and so insidiously, became the Socialist Party.  Even those from the old school Democrats didn't recognize the lies and were sucked into the game....repeating the anti-American un-Constitutional policies until now...here we are at the brink of America off the cliff.

It is also a conundrum that some of these same people will complain about national debts for military spending, but think it is just fine to use their taxes for all kinds of insane projects.  (grants to study the drinking habits of Chinese prostitutes, to name just one absurd example)  Or, while they are complaining about military spending or corporate welfare, they will support the bottomless pit of money going toward streams of illegal immigrants who have no interest in assimilating into the laws and culture of our own country.  They will support endless wads of money going into subsidized housing,  buying into Cash for Clunkers, subsidized windmills and ethanol, greenways and parks, on and on.  But ask them to support the military necessary for defending our country and their eyes glaze over and they nearly pass out.  

We are one week away from possibly the final statement on America.  It is either the final statement of losing America.   Or it might be, at least, a statement of which Americans still "hold these truths to be self-evident."  I feel certain this election is going to be covered up with fraud from the left.  Some of the races are so close, a reflection of the takers vs. the tax payers, that George Soros' millions will be blanketing the polling places across the nation to assure the takers win the day.  Today we are already hearing of tampered voting machines across the country at early voting sites. With Acorn's newest incarnations, with the New Black Panthers hanging around, with buses taking the elderly and high school students to the polls, with dead people in Illinois on the rolls, this election promises to be the most contentious and worrisome election of our lives. 

I guess I know who.  I sort of know why.  People with scruples, morals, and who understand the U.S. Constitution will vote for the most ethical Constitutional conservatives they can find.  The rest of the voters are either on the take, want to be on the take, or lack the moral courage to defend their own country.  

Maybe I need better questions.  

How do you make them stop?  How do you fill Americans with the understanding of how precious liberty is?  How do you get people off the addiction of statist government dependency?  How do you stop voter fraud?  How do you cut the public schools off from Socialists? How do you get people to laugh off Soros and tell him to go fly his billion dollar kites somewhere else?  How do we eliminate government unions?  Etc.

Maybe that is the problem.  We know who.  We know why.  But do we know how? 


  1. Your final question is the right question. The dependent class is the fastest growing voting block today. Most everybody knows someone in this class. I've asked your question to some of the best conservative thinkers we have. The best answer I got came from John Hayward, better known as Doctor Zero. What I learned was we won't win them over with slogans or demagoguery. We can only ask them to think about the kind of future they want to leave to their children and grandchildren. We can deliver to them a future of opportunity and freedom of choice or we can take the cowardly way and vote to protect our own immediate needs, whereby , we will deliver to them a future of dependency, control and subjugation. In other words we have to play on their sentiments for their children and grandchildren. It's going to be a tough battle to win.

  2. Maybe I find it too hard to understand how they can't make that connection already...but your point is well taken. Not sure they care about their children and grandchildren...because if they did they could not possibly vote in socialism. Short-sightedness seems to be a character flaw in socialists....they certainly don't grasp history. I like your idea though...I will definitely give that more thought.