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It's the end of the first day of the new year and news reports today do nothing but remind me that the socialists revolutionaries from the 1960's somehow have managed to maneuver themselves into power and are living out their adolescent, nonsensical fantasies at our expense. Literally. I think I am in some continual state of shock that those same hippie, flower power, Maoists and Che lovers have been able to get the keys to the national treasury and all the rest that goes with it. I am also reminded that underneath the hippie, flower power, seemingly docile, anti-war / anti-violence rhetoric of that generation is in truth a very violent, anarchic premise that has been bolstered for years by those same leftists who have infiltrated out universities for decades. Obama is a tool of the violent left, make no mistake about that. If you are not seeing Obama as a manifestation of the '60's, you are not looking at his upbringing, his parents, and his closest comrades in politics. He is every bit the 1960's, embedded into his psyche by his communist parents and the spoiled life he has lived.

Al Fin: Choking on Affluence: Decline of Western Ambition:
"As the Obama administration and the EU progressively starve the US and Europe of reliable energy supplies, and choke off private economic initiative via ruionous taxes, regulations, penalties, etc. the underlying foundation of the nations and regions crumble."

"Such defeatism usually has less success in the United States. But America’s “progressive” left increasingly resembles its European cousins. Obama’s science advisor, John Holdren, has been a long-time advocate of the idea of “de-development,” the purposeful slowing of growth in advanced countries in order to protect the environment. The critical infrastructure needed to accommodate upward of another 100 million Americans — new dams in the west, intelligent development of our vast natural gas reserves and building new cities, airports and ports – are not at the center of either party’s platforms. These could be financed largely with private sources, given the right incentives." _JoelKotkin

The thing that continually amazes me is that these revolutionaries have nothing productive to do with their lives other than destroy the society that has sustained their existence. The dichotomy (and hypocrisy) of that is a mind numbing turning of logic on its head, so much so that it hurts my brain while contemplating it. There are those in my generation, people I know, who are clinging to the '60's as if it was some idyllic, dreamlike, utopian, state of mind that they want to hold to their breasts 'til the day they die. All they find inspiring is found in bell bottoms, anti-war slogans, John Lennon music, and a "feeling" of belonging to something they are convinced was "good." (good, in this case, meaning anti-adult) Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't smoking pot in college days that turned these people into mush-heads. Some really unthinking people are having mid-life crises and they think Obama represents their college age, hormone and pot enduced, egotistical euphoria. These folks I know are "hooked on a feeling," as the song goes. They are not ruled by logic or historical facts, certainly. Being stuck in adolescence is a pyschological problem, is it not? It looks to me that we have fostered a large part of our population into adolescence and not beyond into adulthood.

For those of you who did not live through the sixties, it was not all that cool. Fashions were ridiculous. Young adults behaved badly. Hollywood was cut loose from the McCarthy era and went merrily on about its iconoclastic promotions of socialist causes and communists leaders. Woodstock proved the insanity of drug abuse and "free love." The anti-establishment fervor was felt in even the smallest of towns where youth had access to '60's music which promoted the ideology of the left. Kids latched onto this culture as if they invented sex, music, and rebellion all by their little spoiled selves. It was silly. Yes. Naive and stupid. Yes. But it was worse than that. If you look at the '60's as a premise to the '70's, you will see the flower power crowd turned into the irrational violent crew who did nothing but create chaos and hate. It led to the Manson murders and the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapping of Patty Hearst in the '70's. It was an era where people like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorhn got just enough positive reinforcement from their wealthy parents and their friends and benefactors, that they didn't get the message that most people were not so much into their revolutionary nonsense. They figured out how to get some wealthy Fabian socialists to pay for their careers. While the rest of the baby boomer generation grew up and got real, finding jobs and raising families in the capitalistic structure of America, the revolutionaries didn't grow up, but were placed into the only jobs where anyone would listen to their drivel....the left wing universities. And it is in these left wing universities that Cloward and Piven have taught the great lessons of revolution to the young students and children of baby boomers, baby boomers who cut their teeth on distrusting anyone over 30 yrs. of age.

You see, career revolutionaries don't really care about a "cause." They make up "causes." (Witness the Global Warming fraud and environmental disaster predictions attached thereto.) They hate reality. They hate classical knowledge. They really know how to do only one thing and that is: revolt. Against what? Against who? Against the world they live in? Against anything and everything. Think about that for a minute. If all you know how to do is destroy the moral structure of society, then you don't know how to live within that society or contribute to the well-being of that society. You can only prosper if you are tearing something down, not building a life, or a house, or a heating system, or inventing a lightbulb, etc. Your only mission in life is to destroy other people's way of life. And the purpose of this destruction? Just like the spoiled brat who throws temper tantrums to get attention and use his bad behavior to gain power over adults, the baby-boomer revolutionary uses the same tactics.
Who is the idiot here? The adult adolescents who handed the power to the brat? I'd say so. An entire generation of people have forgotten how to be responsible stewards of our nation and turned the country over to little monstrous brats.

Francis Fox Piven, Old Dried Up Revolutionary

The Cloward and Piven idea to destroy the nation is simple. Collapse the system. In order to do that, you have to increase entitlements and dependency to the point that the nation can no longer sustain itself. Then, the revolutionaries step into the limelight yelling, "See...we told you America is bad, capitalism is bad, and now you have to let Communism take over." It's as simple as that. Create the problem and then pretend you can fix the problem with totalitarian, communistic, collectivism. And when you make everyone dependent, you have to have someone in charge of doling out the goodies. Who do you think that is going to be? And who do you think is going to pay for that? And for God's sake, who is dumb enough to want a collectivist system? An adult who gets sucked into a fictitious "cause." An adolescent revolutionary who thinks he is part of the group that will be doling out the goodies...not the ones who are going to pay and be rationed. A nation of brat czars...bureaucrat brat czars.

"But when Piven and Cloward published a manifesto in The Nation, there were 30,000 reprint requests. One thousand neighborhood service centers nationwide encouraged people to go on welfare who would not have otherwise. In the ’60s, one-third of the people whose incomes made them eligible for AFDC were on the rolls. By 1971, 90 percent were."

But that was the point, you see. Put more and more people into dependence, dependence on government or unions. And by doing so, you stress and overload the system until it collapses which sends hoards of people into the streets, rioting like 1960's college SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) members. And soon we look just like Greece and other places in the EU. You see, those who want to relive the 1960's are doing this on purpose. It makes them feel important and powerful. Those, also, who latch onto fictitious "causes" because it makes them "feel" grownup, even though they are not grownup enough to use common sense and research the truth.

As long as we have adults who are living their adolescent fantasies from the 1960's and are allowing their children and grandchildren to be sucked down the toilet by unfounded statist "causes, the nation is doomed to the fate of Rome, the USSR, and the Weimer Republic. The Founders of this country knew this could happen, but they created the U.S. Constitution to give us guidance to prevent just this kind of slide into an abyss. Yet, the '60's generation, plus those who were indoctrinated by them, think they are smarter than the Founders and have taught their children to ignore such musty old documents. Our future success in survival lies in knowing history... all of it, ancient and recent, including the Progressives' march to socialism from the early 1900's through the insanity of the 1960's with Obama's parents' lives and then teaching him that communism was the goal. Today's parents from the '60's, who cling to that adolescent past, have taught their children well. And those children are as bad or worse than their parents.

Our future success is undermined now by 1960's plotters against America and John Lennon's drug induced ideal of believing in nothing. Our future does not lie in trying to be Progressive Socialist Europe. Our future is in dire jeopardy left in the hands of the Cloward and Piven crowd who have commandeered every issue on the stage; environment, energy, security, immigration, economics, health care, and micro-chipping recycling bins for crying out loud. Can we now get these 1960's radical revolutionary socialists off the stage and out of our government for good? The damage they have already done may take the next 100 years to undo. They are passé. They are regressive. They are not intelligent in any kind of productive or classical sense. The only thing they seem to know how to do is put on a suit and tie and pretend to look like they know things. They are spoiled brats with grandiose egos and lust for power. That is all they are. Very small minded, unthinking, very selfish, regressive nuts. Take the keys away from them and please, can we please now get out of the 1960's?

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